A pensioner has been rescued after trying to drive along a flooded road where another motorist had already come to grief.

He ignored the “road closed” signs and even drove past the partially-submerged car involved in the earlier incident before finally grinding to a halt.

The pensioner was lifted out of his Mini and transferred to a Range Rover owned by his son, who came to collect him.

Daily Echo reader Simon Rowley, who took these pictures, said: “He got through the worst part, which is about 18ins deep, but the car's engine died a few moments later.

“When I went over to him he said: 'I should have known better'. Even his son wondered what an earth he was doing.”

The pensioner, who was on his way to a funeral, was rescued by firefighters from nearby Christchurch in Dorset.

Mr Rowley added: “The 'road closed' signs very prominent but still they try to drive through. I can't believe the number of people who attempt it.”