THE PUB trade is in a dire state at the moment, with pubs closing at a rate of more than two a day across the UK.

Below, we look back at some of the clubs that have closed in recent years in Southampton. This list is accurate up to February 2014.

The Castle, Midanbury A large community pub at the summit of one of Southampton's highest spots. Closed in 2012 and reopened in 2013 as a Tesco Express.

The Anchor and Hope, Freemantle This is now a Co-Op.

The Bulls Eye, Sholing Is now a Tesco Express.

The Woodman, Lordswood Damaged by a tree during storms in 2011, the pub struggled to recover before closing within a year. There were rumours about it becoming an Indian restaurant before Tesco took it over.

The Stoneham, Bassett Green A concerted campaign by residents and drinkers to keep this pub open failed in 2013.

The Gate, Hampton Park This historic pub closed down and was purchased by the University of Southampton. The building was then demolished to provide better view of the campus.

Winning Post, Peartree, Closed in 2009. Is now a convenience store.

The Eagle, City Centre Used by many a Saints fan on their way to and from St Mary's, this pub closed only to quickly reopen as a convenience store.

Oliver Goldsmith/H2O/Shotz, Bevois Valley A pub which closed and was reborn as a bar aimed at the a younger crowd (H2O), it then changed its name to Shotz. A fire hit the bar, which is now a convenience store.

Bar Risa, High Street Housed in the art deco store which was built to house Burtons, the bar was part of a national chain which went bust in 2008. It has remained closed ever since, despite a prime location in the city centre.

Court Jester, Docklands Closed in 2011 and remained so for a long period of time before a major refurbishment and transformation into Antico, a bar/restaurant rather than a pub in 2012. Has since changed its name to Parkers and now Captain's Place.

Walkabout/Wahoo/Elements, High Street Formerly the Bank of England, this large Australian-themed bar was popular for watching sport and weekend DJs. Was rebranded as Wahoo! in 2009 before becoming Elements Sports Bar. Has been empty since 2012.

The Ark, Townhill Park Built in the heart of the council estate, the pub closed in the last few years, although there are hopes that the current redevelopment scheme for Townhill will see a new replacement.

The Smugglers Inn, Docklands A pub that stood alone on the corner of College Street car park, the Smugglers, has long been converted in to flats.

Lord Palmerston, City Centre Has been earmarked by developers to become flats after closing in 2005.

The Crown, Shirley High Street Closed and available to buy either "as a pub or other use"

Frog & Frigate, Docklands Best known for letting customers dance on the tables, this closed in 2008 and has been boarded up ever since.

Park Hotel, Shirley Well known for its karaoke nights, the Park Hotel closed and has yet to show any signs of development.

The Bassett, Burgess Road, Closed in 2005 and there are retirement flats on the site.

Quayside, Leisure World A large, prupose built chain pub built opposite what is now Ikea. It was used by many people before a night out in the clubs at Leisure World or the Odeon Cinema. Closed in 2011.

Percy Arms, Bitterne Boarded up and fenced off after closing.

Bridge Inn, St Denys Closed in 2012 and within weeks had been demolished. Now a number of new build houses sit on the site of this pub.

Bridge Tavern, Coxford, Closed in 2007 and is still boarded up.

The St Denys Hotel, St Denys A back street boozer which has been converted into flats, although some of the ornate signage still remains.

The Anchor, East Street Being next to the ailing - and now demolished - East Street Shopping Centre certainly never helped this pub.

Bevois Town, Inner Avenue In later years, this pub was a key part of Southampton's gay scene. However in 2011 it shut it's doors for the final time before the pub and car park were converted into homes.

The Victory, City Centre On the ground floor of Norwich House opposite the north side of Southampton Central, this pub closed in 2006 and is now a Costa Coffee.

Old Thatched House, Maybush As the name suggests, this pub had an unique looking thatched roof. It closed and is now home to a chiropodist's clinic.

Ferryman & Firkin, High Street A large historic pub in the heart of Southampton, next to Holy Rood Church. It was been empty and boarded upsince 2009 after the brewery decided to close it. Recently, the QE2 anchor was installed outside the front, as part of the improvements to what is now known as Holy Rood Square.

Exford Arms, Harefield Key part of the regeneration of Harefield is to build new offices and flats on the site of this pub.

The Maybush, Maybush To be knocked down and replaced with housing after closing in 2010.

The Target, Sholing Closed in the early noughties, and is now housing.

The Blacksmiths, Shirley Was closed for a number of years with a number of developments proposed for the site. Finally, homes are being built on the site, with some just being put up for sale for the first time.