SOUTHAMPTON airport is at the centre of speculation over a multi-million pound bid by a Spanish firm to buy it up outright.

Ferrovial has tabled an offer for Southampton, Glasgow and Aberdeen airports from the majority share holder Heathrow Airport Holdings (HAH), according to reports.

The Spanish infrastructure company currently owns 25 per cent of the HAH which owns a string of UK airports.

But after HAH's chief executive Colin Matthews stating that Heathrow is his priority, industry analysts are reporting that Ferrovial is bidding to buy out Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports.

It is understood the firm is offering about £800m to own them outright.

Further details about the offer are not known, but rumours that the bid are in conjunction with two Australian partners - Macquarie and Industry Funds Management - have been denied.

Last night it was also not clear whether the bid would be accepted or how much Ferrovial was willing to pay for the airports.

A Southampton airport spokesman said they were unable to comment, saying “we haven't been involved in the process.

“There's absolutely no information at this end.”

Heathrow Airport Holdings and Ferrovial both declined to comment.