A HAMPSHIRE shopping centre has launched an interactive app that rewards shoppers.

The scheme at the Swan Shopping Centre in Eastleigh pushes incentive points to shoppers’ smartphones every time they visit and check in at the centre.

Users who download the Smart Rewards app will receive points via the use of geo-location technology, each time they visit the centre’s shopping and leisure areas.

Points are awarded for opening the app each day, sharing content to social networks and on checking in at the centre itself. These can be spent on free gifts, exclusive discounts and offers.

As well as shops and restaurants, AMF Bowling, the VUE Cinema and Anytime Fitness gym are also offering rewards via the app.

The app is available from the Apple app store and Android play store.

Mark Robinson, founding partner at Ellandi, owners of the Swan Centre, said: “Paper-based reward schemes often fail because we expect shoppers to clip coupons and carry leaflets while previous technology-driven ideas have been over-complicated and rely on customers finding a particular corner of the web.

“Smart Rewards is simple and all the activation takes place on the one thing almost everyone carries with them – their phone.”

Mayor Malcolm Cross and MP Mike Thornton were among those at the launch.