HE was supposed to be a source of comfort to his patients.

But dentist Alfons Andreas Striebich betrayed their trust by failing to meet acceptable standards, a disciplinary hearing has heard.

He was accused of bullying people who came to him for treatment, including children, giving poor treatment and not washing his hands properly between patients.

Now he has been struck off by the General Dental Council (GDC).

The organisation’s professional conduct committee’s judgement said: “The way you dealt with your colleagues showed a fundamental lack of respect and understanding, and as such you acted in a way that was incompatible with dental team working.

“The rude manner in which you dealt with patients was completely unprofessional and unacceptable.

“Furthermore, your gross departures from acceptable standards in the areas of patient consent and cross infection control had the potential to put patients in significant danger of actual harm.”

The hearing also found that he had been working in Southampton while banned from practising in Scotland.

Striebich worked at the Aspire Dental Practice in Landguard Road, Shirley, between October 2010 and January 2011 but failed to disclose that he had been suspended by NHS Grampian in Aberdeen weeks before he came south.

It is alleged that he put patients’ safety at risk, failed to wash his hands properly between patients and acted in a “bullying” manner towards colleagues and patients, including children.

On other occasions he failed to discuss treatment options and costs with his patients and allowed them to leave his room while still bleeding from mouth surgery.

Striebich, of Dusseldorf, Germany, worked at Strathisla Dental Practice, Keith, in summer 2010 but was only there for about six weeks before he was suspended by NHS Grampian.

He now has 28 days to appeal before his name is officially struck off the register.

Striebich is the second dentist to have worked at the Landguard Road practice, which has since closed, to be struck off.

In April 2013 the Daily Echo reported how Jagdev Singh Wasu was banned for committing “a string of extremely serious offences”, including carrying out treatments before making proper diagnoses, refusing to discuss treatment options with patients and forging their signatures to cover his tracks.