THIS was the moment a Southampton mum faced her fears in memory of her baby.

Despite being scared of heights and flying Lauren Burton fell 10,000 feet from a plane to say thank you to the charity that supported her after having a miscarriage .

Her daring skydive helped raise more than £600 for Saying Goodbye, which supports parents who have lost a child at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy.

The charity helped support Lauren, 33, of Swift Road, Woolston, after her second baby, Bumpy, died when she was three months pregnant with him.

She said: “I’m scared of flying and I’m not very good with heights but I wanted to do something for charity.

“I thought that this would also give me some release after losing my son. I found it hard that there are not many charities that support you when you’ve lost a baby at that stage.

“People just don’t understand what women actually go through and that it’s a child that they have lost. You don’t ever expect to lose your child and once you get past 12 weeks you think you’re fine but it can still happen at any stage.

“It was nice to know other women’s experiences and know that you’re not the only one.

“You don’t appreciate what you’ve got until you’ve lost something. To fall pregnant and to carry a baby full term is the best thing ever.”

The claims adviser, who also has a six-year-old daughter, Jasmine and three step-children, Daniel, Niamh and Hana, has since had another baby, Daisy, who is now eight months old.

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