A SOUTHAMPTON grandad died after contracting pneumonia combined with an infection from a long-standing leg ulcer, an inquest was told.

David Renault’s condition declined after he was transferred to Southampton General Hospital after initially being treated at Dorset County Hospital.

Southampton Coroner’s Court heard how during his stay at the Dorchester-based hospital nurses failed to change the dressings on his leg ulcers.

However, after spending a month there, the 68-year-old of Sherwood Close, Bassett, was deemed fit enough to be transferred to Southampton at the end of July last year.

Mr Renault was described as being septic on his admission to the General. Recording a narrative determination, Southampton coroner Keith Wiseman said a man in his condition should have had the closest attention. A spokesperson for Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said that the leg dressings were not changed on time on one occasion, indicating it was “a one-off event rather than a systematic failure”.