A LONG-STANDING social club could be replaced with flats.

A developer has handed in a planning application to knock down the Freemantle Social Club and build 11 flats in its place.

But the club has stressed that the site has not been sold, and even if the plans are approved the club would find a new home.

The current building, in Waterloo Road, was built in 1907 and has been used as a social club since 1948.

At its peak in the mid 1970s the club had 1,000 members and a long waiting list. But membership has fallen to 400 while maintenance costs for the building have steadily risen.

Now developer Dan Conway has approached the club with plans to redevelop the site. He wants to tear down the club and replace it with a three-storey L-shaped building containing eight one-bedroom and three two-bedroom flats.

The proposed building would also have three parking spaces and refuse storage.

Any plans for the club to sell the site are dependent on the outcome of the planning application, with city council planners due to make a decision on it by the end of June.

Club secretary Angela Renault said: “The club’s future will be decided by the members. It was voted last year to look at ways that we might sell and relocate to smaller premises.

“The building is very much in need of repairs and we have no money for this. The members are aware of the situation and the club has an arrangement to work with Mr Conway to make future plans.

“The club has not been sold, although the future might not be very favourable.”

Mr Conway declined to comment.