Footage has emerged of killer cage fighter Damon Wright in action - just a day after he was jailed for 10 years for the manslaughter of a Southampton dad.

It comes as the grieving family of victim Kevin Wyeth  call for the sport to be regulated – or even banned.

The footage shows Wright, with his hair in a Mohican style - in a fight in which he is beaten.

Speaking after he was jailed for ten years, they said those practising the brutal sport should be vetted to avoid violent criminals taking it up.

A trial at Winchester Crown Court heard how Wright followed dad-of-three Kevin Wyeth down an alleyway between Defender Road and Tankerville Road, in Southampton, wearing his martial arts gloves and with his hood up.

He then punched the newly appointed Saints groundsman, pictured below, with such “severe force” his face shattered and his brain was “significantly damaged”.

Daily Echo: Kevin Wyeth

The injuries were so bad Kevin had to be identified by his fingerprints after being found dead in the alleyway last August.

During his trial Wright, who is trained in eight martial arts disciplines, admitted he delivered the killer blows, saying he threw w i t h “everything”he had.

Yesterday he was jailed for ten years after jurors cleared him of murder but found him guilty of manslaughter.

Daily Echo: (L-r) Kevin Wyeth's father Kevin, mother Linda Timberlake and brother Dean

Kevin Wyeth's family

Passing sentence, Judge Guy Boney QC dubbed cage fighting as a “savage activity where anything goes”, adding it appealed to Wright because he was “a man of violence”.

He said: “It was a sustained attack in an isolated location.

Your victim never stood a chance.”

Wright, 32, pictured below, a scaffolder, of no fixed address, admitted he had a short fuse and that he had lost his temper when he didn’t get his own way.

Daily Echo:

Over the past decade Wright has notched up a catalogue of convictions for beatings and assaults on men, women, children – and even an unborn baby.

With such a violent background, Kevin's family are amazed he was allowed to practise cage fighting, which they believe turned his fists into lethal weapons.

They are now calling on the controversial sport to be better regulated.

Daily Echo:

Damon Wright's boxing glove

Dad Kevin said: “With any other martial arts you have to have a licence. He should never have been able to join a club.”

Along with mum Linda Timberlake, he feels it should even be banned.

Linda said: “You can’t justify the fact that people are willing to break arms and go unconscious. It’s laughable.”

In mitigation, the court heard how Wright had never intended to kill or even carry out an assault and had written a letter to the judge outlining his acknowledgment of the loss of life he caused and the impact on Kevin’s family.

What is cagefighting?

IT’S been tagged “human cockfighting” and there are regular calls for it to be banned.

But mixed martial arts (MMA), or cage fighting as it’s more commonly known, is a rapidly growing sport.

As the name suggests, MMA is a blend of different forms of martial arts.

It combines boxing, kickboxing, jujitsu and wrestling, resulting in what its supporters say is a far more realistic form of fighting than other martial arts.

Bouts take place in the same sorts of venues as boxing matches and big cash prizes are becoming increasingly available.

Hampshire-based cagefighting coach Michael McGarry said he felt “sadness for the family” but defended cage fighting, insisting that the sport should not be blamed for the violence of Wright, inset.

He said: “In my personal opinion cage fighting is good for violent people.

“I have coached some people who have calmed down an awful lot.

“You are always going to have someone who is going to misuse it, like people who drive fast in cars,” he said.

Mr McGarry also said it would be difficult to check people’s criminal records through a vetting process and claimed there was no legalisation that could be used to regulate who could have a licence to practise or not.