A GROUP of artists will hold an exhibition to raise money for a man struck down by a devastating bacterial illness.

The Wallop Artists will host the Art in May exhibition at Stockbridge Town Hall to raise money for Alex Lewis, who was struck down by the Streptococcus A bacteria.

As reported by the Daily Echo, Alex lost three limbs to the invasive bug and has undergone an extensive recuperation process.

Alex and his wife Lucy held regular exhibitions of paintings by the Wallop Artists for three years while they were running The King’s Arms.

Their aim is to raise money for Alex’s future rehabilitation and for the intensive care unit at Salisbury Hospital, where Alex has been treated.

The artists will also make a donation after the exhibition, which will run from May 17 to 18.

Carolyn Bowen, who is co-ordinating arrange-ments for the exhibition, said: “His bravery in the face of such a trauma is truly inspirational.

“He and his family deserve our full support.”