A SOUTHAMPTON youth worker teaching children about the city’s diverse faiths is on the verge of seeing her role scrapped.

Southampton Council of Faiths has been employing Naheed Brora to visit schools across the county for the past three years, teaching children about multiculturalism.

But a one-time donation of £20,000 from a Government-funded programme is due to run out, meaning Naheed would be unable to continue.

The 27-year-old, from Bassett, said that she is passionate about her work but without the cash she won’t be able to teach children about the city’s variety of faiths.

She said: “I absolutely love it. I like to educate children about religion rather than the dos and don’ts of different faiths.

“At the beginning I started talking about aspects of mutliculturalism that didn’t have anything to do with faith – topics like arranged marriage, sex before marriage – but then because I am Muslim we started to discuss different topics.”

She soon began to discuss with children in eight schools across Southampton the various aspects of different faiths and about integration.

For the Southampton Council of Faiths, which co-ordinates events combining the city’s major faith groups, Naheed’s work was part of its integration mission.

Council secretary David Vane said: “If we could get some funding together we would be very keen for her to go back into it. She has done some great work over the last three years.

“I think it’s very valuable work, it is a question of funding at the moment.”