Bishop’s Waltham police have targeted a difficult group of youths early on, a meeting has heard.

PCSO Sarah Mcculloch spoke at the Bishop’s Waltham Parish Council’s annual meeting about how a small group was causing trouble in the area but insisted police had the problem under control.

She said: “I am dedicated to Bishop’s Waltham. We have recently had a little group going round causing a bit of chaos – and I say that lightly.

“It is nothing to do with past groups, they are all new and trying to establish themselves in the village.

She added: “We have got all of their names and I have been going round to see their parents, giving them a ‘what for’ and explaining how the behaviour is not accepted in Bishop’s Waltham.

“We will be referring them to the antisocial behaviour panel. Their behaviour is not going into criminal offences but if that happens it will be dealt with.”