ONE ARREST is made every day thanks to vital information given to Hampshire police by Crimestoppers, latest figures have revealed.

Over the past 12 months, two out of every three reports that Crimestoppers in Hampshire has passed to officers has provided valuable information that has helped to solve a crime.

It has been such a successful year that Crimestoppers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight hopes to share their achievements at a special conference next month.

On average over the past year, more than six reports were received every day by the charity that ensures anonymity to callers, resulting in key information on four crimes received daily, leading to one arrest every day.

A total of 2,511 reports were received by Crimestoppers over the past 12 months, of which 1,584 had positive outcomes and included 411 arrests.

Simon Theobalds, deputy chairman of the charity, said: “Crimestoppers has come of age. The police respect the Crimestoppers process, the information it provides and members of the public who want to protect their anonymity.

The result is – as Simon Hayes, the Police and Crime Commissioner has observed – that Crimestoppers provides one of the best intelligence sources for the police.”

The charity will focus on child exploitation at the conference – which will be held at Sparsholt College, near Winchester – and aims to get information from other agencies about local issues on the topic, as well as how Crimestoppers can help to protect young people in the county.