HE is at it again.

Dangling one-handed from a crane 150m above Central London streets, Hampshire daredevil James Kingston performs his latest dangerous and death defying stunt.

Footage released today captures him scaling the iconic 111metre (364ft) Southbank Tower in London less than a year since he caused outrage by hanging off another crane in Ocean Village, Southampton, and climbing the gas tanks at Northam.

But despite widespread condemnation for his perilous behaviour the Romsey-based stunt man defiantly claims he is planning to make a career out of his exploits.

The latest footage shows the 23-year-old at dawn illegally entering the 30-storey office block which is being redeveloped into luxury apartments.

He rapidly climbs the crane tower, stopping to jump onto some concrete blocks midway through.

Reaching its dizzying summit he briefly views the sunrise behind The Shard, looking over the River Thames and the capital's streets, mostly devoid of traffic and commuters before the morning rush hour.

Daily Echo:

He takes off his jumper before perilously hanging from the structure.

James - who shot the video with camera placed in his mouth in March - defended his actions, saying he is eager to scale more key landmarks as a career.

He said: “For me its leading on to me producing my own content and who knows.

“The skies the limit.”

“I get an amazing view, a little bit of strength from something that scares me and I get stronger and progress.”

But he warned of the dangers, claiming he has practiced by climbing trees and walls before tackling buildings.

He said: “I feel I am familiar with different materials and structures and what is safe and what's not.”

“My grip holding on is very strong.”

“I don't want to encourage people to go out and hang off things I want them to go out there and do what they love.”