A TEENAGER with a lifethreatening condition is asking for the help of her county.

Katelin Toastivine from Gosport suffers from Ataxia- Telangiectasia (A-T).

The 13-year-old has various disabilities, a high risk of lung disease and the condition also makes her more likely to contract cancer.

But Katelin is hoping to encourage cyclists across Hampshire to support a charity close to her heart.

Unable to complete the task herself as she often has to use a wheelchair, Katelin is looking for fundraisers willing to cycle the length of Ireland and raise money for the A-T society.

The charity is devoted to helping patients and families like Katelin’s by providing practical support and researching a cure.

A-T is caused by a mutation to a gene hidden in DNA and only appears when two carriers have a child together.

At nine years old doctors reviewed Katelin’s symptoms after diagnosing her with leukaemia.

Mother Danielle said: “We noticed from two years old Katelin was wobbly and a bit clumsy. She was very prone to infections and caught every bug going around – her life expectancy is only 26 years.”

Now the Toastivine family are hoping that vital funds will help the A-T Society find a cure, but they need people willing to cycle 437 miles in September.

Danielle added: “The A-T Society is giving us hope for a future, for every child with AT.

Katelin won’t be able to ride a bike, but you can do it for her and have a great time cycling.”

To find out more or volunteer visit atsociety.org.uk/cycle-events – or call 01582 760 733.