A FATHER-of-two attacked and threatened to kill another man after finding him in his former partner’s bed.

Leroy White and a friend had been to a bar where they met Sammyjoe Pacey, who was out with a friend.

They returned to her home, where they split into two couples.

But later that night she heard banging and shouting at her front door before it burst open.

Daniel Furmage, who was with his current girlfriend, discovered Mr White in Miss Pacey’s bed.

Prosecutor Dawn Hyland told Southampton Crown Court how Furmage repeatedly struck Mr White all over his body as he tried to protect his face and pleaded with him to stop.

The three women pulled him away, but Furmage went into the kitchen where he armed himself with a saucepan to renew his attack.

The women again pulled him away, only for Furmage to again go into the kitchen to equip himself with a 6in bladed knife.

He then leaned over Mr White and tried to stab him, but Mr White wriggled free. Furmage then left, and from outside shouted: ‘Come down here! I’m going to kill you!”

Police, who had been called to the scene, arrested him.

Recorder Peter Towler heard the victim had suffered bruising and swelling.

He had also been bitten on a wrist and his watch had been damaged.

In an impact statement, he told police he had been scared in what was a totally unprovoked attack. I am now very fearful of my safety, knowing what he is capable of.”

The court heard that, at the time, Furmage had two suspended sentences hanging over him – one for assaulting his previous partner and the other for attempting to pervert the course of justice after falsely claiming someone had taken his car.

Furmage, 28, of Deacon Road, Bitterne, Southampton, admitted causing actual bodily harm, possessing the knife as a bladed article and damaging Mr White’s watch.

Jailing him for two years, the judge told Furmage he had behaved disgracefully and must have terrified Mr White.

In mitigation, Jamie Gammon said Furmage and his previous partner had been exchanging test messages earlier that day about seeing his children.

“This was not an incident born out of jealousy,” he said.

“He had not gone there with the intention of assaulting anyone but in the heat of the moment, he lost his temper and used the most unusual of weapons, a saucepan. He cannot recall any efforts to stab him.

“The trigger was going into the bedroom and finding the young man there.”