YOUNG people across Hampshire are being called up to do something amazing for their country during the World Cup.

While the England team play their last game tonight after failing to make it through the group stages, NHS Blood and Transplant are hoping people in the county will help them reach their goal – an increase in younger donors.

The percentage of 17- to 24-year-old blood donors in Hampshire is lower than the national average and young donors are crucial to ensuring there is a robust donor base to protect the future supply of blood.

In Hampshire there are 6,874 donors aged 17-24, making up 12.7 per cent of those who currently donate in the country. This compares to the 14 per cent national average.

A summer of world-class football is set to disrupt normal donations until the final on July 13, so potential donors are being urged to get off the bench and help save a life.

Come forward Jon Latham, from NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We’re issuing a call-up for more to come forward because we know blood donation falls off the to-do list during hot weather and summer holidays, and especially during big public events like the World Cup.

“We want potential donors to know they can do something amazing for their country, just as footballers from around the globe are doing in Brazil right now.

“Make a date to donate and please keep your appointment to help us maintain and ensure stock levels for the coming months and for the future.”

Each year 200,000 new donors are required to give blood to replace those who can no longer donate due to health concerns or other reasons. To find out how to donate call 0300 123 23 23, or for more information about NHS Blood and Transplant, visit the website at