THE cost of repairing a road destroyed by a major landslip on the Isle of Wight could soar to £20 million, it has emerged.

The road in Undercliff Drive near Ventnor continues to collapse; four months after nine homes were evacuated.

Properties in Niton and St Lawrence were left landlocked and inaccessible by vehicle after severe subsidence in February following winter storms and heavy rainfall.

Six options are due to discussed by the Isle of Wight of Wight Council ranging from full repairs to pedestrian-only access.

It follows Island Roads publishing three reports into the land movement.

They include:

  • Fully fixing and reopening the road between Ventnor and Niton costing between £6m to £20m.
  • Repairs to allow access from one direction only estimated at between £1m to £2.5.
  • Re-establishing pedestrian access only costing£250,00 to £500,000.
  • Establishing a new access road to properties along the base of the cliff ranging from £200,000 to £500,000.
  • Creating a temporary low cost road from the west costing £100,000.
  • Permanently closing the road to vehicles and limiting access to residents.

Monitoring of groundwater levels reveals the subsidence has slowed but has not stopped.

Residents have returned to two of the houses, but one of the houses has been declared unsafe by experts.

Council executive member for highways Cllr Jon Gilbey said: “The six options arising from these reports are fully and properly costed before we propose a preferred way ahead.

“The welfare and concerns of the affected residents remain paramount, and we are keeping them fully aware of progress - and are reassuring them that we are doing all we can to reach a decision.”