THE streets of Hedge End were awash with colour as one of Hampshire’s most popular carnivals rolled into town.

This year’s spectacle had a special D-Day theme to proceedings, as the carnival marked 70 years since the Normandy invasion by Allied troops.

More than 4,000 people lined the streets to watch and cheer the procession, which set off from the Recreation Ground, where troops had camped before departing for France.

The colourful parade then made its way via St John’s Road, Freegrounds Avenue, Sherborne Way, Hobb Lane, Lower and Upper Northam Road and arrived in Greta Park where a special ‘concert for troops’ was held featuring tribute performances to stars of the 1940s.

Members of the Hedge End Village Bingo Club were dressed in army attire on their ‘Operation Overlord’ float, while the 31st Itchen Beavers float included a tank on a trailer, and the 4th Bitterne Brownies had gardening gear on and a ‘Dig for Victory’ theme.

Another highlight was The Spitfire Sisters, who performed in the style of the Andrews Sisters.

Claire Clouting, one of the organisers, said: “It was lovely to see so many people lining the streets, the weather managed to stay sunny for us and we are so pleased that the entrants had put lots of thought into this year’s theme.”

The carnival and show was the culmination of a week of build-up events which included quizzes, whist drives, walks, talks, bingo and a dog show.

The proceeds from event will go to local good causes, if anyone wants to find out more they can visit