A FUN run takes place in Southampton next weekend to raise funds to help disabled children.

Children’s charity The Newlife Foundation is one of the charities that has teamed up with the Big Fun Run on Southampton Common on Sunday, July 27.

The charity supports disabled children and their families, like six-year-old Advay Bhandari who is only able to move by rolling and has no awareness of danger.

Advay, from Southampton, has to wear a special helmet to protect his head.

Mum Anchal Bisht said: “Because of his condition, Advay was sleeping on the floor for safety, but even then he was able to roll off the mattress and bang his head on the floor. Sometimes he would cut his lips and even though he has the helmet he could still hurt himself.”

Anchal and her husband needed a high-sided, padded bed for Advay, but local authorities do not provide this equipment for non-medical needs.

The family reached out to the Newlife Foundation for help. The charity had already provided a specialist car seat for Advay, and they provided the bed to keep Advay safe.

Anchal said: “Before we had the bed, leaving Advay on his own for even a few minutes risked injury. It was very stressful for both Advay and the rest of the family. Now I know that when he is in his bed he is safe. It means peace of mind for us. It is a big space so the bed can double up as a safe play area.”

Other charities involved with the 5km fun run, which starts at 11am, include The MS Society, Parkinson’s UK and Cancer Research UK.

To enter log on to bigfunrun.com/Southampton.