SWASHBUCKLING fundraisers will tell cancer to walk the plank this weekend as they embark on a charity march through the city.

Sandra Ray and her family will dress up as pirates and walk through Southampton to generate funds for the Wessex Cancer Trust.

The mum-of-two, from Bassett, has been organising fundraising events after her sister Deborah Lewis was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago.

Just two years ago, her husband David was diagnosed with testicular cancer and Sandra had a breast cancer scare herself in the past year.

Today Sandra will be joined by her sister, sons Michael, 20, and William, five, and other friends and family members to walk eight miles from Southampton Common, then head into town, and back again to Redbridge.

The walk will finish at the Ship Inn, in Old Redbridge Road, for an evening of skittles and raffle prizes.

Last October Sandra had her head shaved at the Dorchester Arms pub in Onslow Road to raise money for the charity.

A packed pub watched her raise £310 for the charity.

Her fundraising efforts have raised £1,700 in total so far.

Sandra said: “We are hoping to raise between £400 and £500 through this walk.

“I had a breast cancer scare myself and it brings it all home. The money all adds up and a lot can be done with it.

“With my husband having cancer, it was a shock. If I can, I will do something every year – every little bit helps.”