Police swooped on a Hampshire takeaway last night.

Officers descended on the Charcoal Grill take away in Rumbridge Street, Totton, and could be seen inside searching the premises.

Officers with sniffer dogs were also going in and out of the building from the rear entrance.

A search ialso took place in the room above the restaurant.

Members of staff could also been seen talking to officers, who were wearing blue rubber gloves, in the restaurant and assisting them with the search.

But last night police remained tight lipped and refused to say what the nature of the investigation was.

Shocked witnesses said they saw between 20 and 30 officers descend onto the restaurant earlier this evening after turning up in police cars and vans.

One witness, who did not want to be named, said: "I saw a Mercedes Sprinter turn up and all these police officers get out of it and go into the place with gloves on.

"They went upstairs because I could see one of the dogs by the window."