WE HAVE all heard the story about why the chicken crossed the road – but in Hampshire the tale takes a fishy twist.

Steve the sturgeon made his escape from World of Water in Romsey, during the floods that hit the market town last month, causing the centre to close for three weeks.

Staff had feared that they would never see the meter-long fish, that formed part of the shop’s displays, again and that he was unlikely to survive in the wild.

But, seven-year-old Steve has proved that he can tackle any adventure after being discovered in a deep puddle, a mile down the road from the aquatic centre, at a car wash.

Relieved that Steve is back home, centre manager Mark Bradbury said: “He must have crossed the road and got to the petrol station through the flood water. He's got a few bumps and scrapes but is happy to be back with his friends.”

Sadly though, one of his friends, a larger koi carp, named Chadwick, who also escaped during the flooding, was not found with him and he still remains at large.