BODY parts of a decapitated horse were found near a Hampshire railway line.

The grisly discovery in Hamble was the second finding within a matter of weeks, after other body parts were found near Bursledon on March 4.

The severed hoof, right leg and pelvic bone, along with a black bag believed to contain othe rbody parts, was dumped near the railway line near Satchell Lane, in Hamble.

It was discovered by county council staff, and the RSPCA believe they were part of the same horse which had its head, torso and legs dumped near Salterns Lane, Bursledon and discovered by maintenance workers on March 4.

RSPCA inspector Penny Baker said: “I'm almost certain these body parts are from the same horse.

“It looks like someone has just driven up and thrown them over the fence. The smell was quite strong, and I'm sure someone would have come across them if they had been there for more than a week. Someone somewhere must know who has done this.

“It is rare to find a chopped up body like this, but the dumping of dead horses in general isn't rare.

“People don't want to pay the costs of disposing of a dead horse, so they just dump them.”