RESIDENTS in Colden Common are warning others against bogus calls after two people were scammed less than two weeks ago.

It comes after two villagers re-ceived calls from a man claiming to be a police officer from Bourne-mouth. They were told that someone was either attempting to access their bank or that they had been arrested for doing so.

They were then asked for personal details, including pin numbers, and were told to hang up the phone and call their bank.

The victims then picked up the phone to call the bank using the number on the rear of their bank card, unaware that the original caller hadn’t hung up, so were, unknowingly speaking to the scammers and not their bank.

The victims soon became suspicious and reported the incidents to the police. No money was taken from their accounts.

In previous incidents victims have continued to speak with the fraudster and been told to withdraw large sums of money from their accounts, to be collected by a courier. People lost large sums of cash as a result as often the elderly and vulnerable are targeted.

Anyone who is concerned about similar incidents should call police on 101. If a crime is in progress call 999.