Marrying someone with the same surname is rare – but four different people playing a key role in the ceremony with the same name is almost unheard of.

Paul Nicholls tied the knot with new wife Lindsey, also a Nicholls, at a ceremony in Fair Oak on Saturday.

But in an unusual twist, their vicar Bob – who is no relation – also shared the same surname.

It didn’t stop there though – because their registrar, Bob’s wife Jane, was another Nicholls.

Bridegroom Paul, 39, of Palmers Close, Fair Oak, said it added an extra bit of fun to their special day.

He said: “The family didn’t know anything about the vicar having the same surname.”

The couple met at a badminton club in Hamble five-and-a-half years ago and got talking about their same surnames. Estate agent Paul proposed to Lindsey in the Lake District in October 2012.

His dad Denis Nicholls, 80, said: “It’s such a coincidence. It’s peculiar having so many people involved in the wedding with the same surname.”