EASTER 1944 and the south coast has the feeling something big is about to happen. In complete secrecy at Bletchley Park men and women are hard at work decoding the top secret messages flowing between Hitler and his Generals.

A huge new machine has been invented to help them with their colossal task, aptly named ‘Colossus’ it is the world’s first electronic computer and built from post office spare parts. It heralds the beginning of the modern computer age we live in.

After deciphering some vital information that enables Allied commanders to set the date for DDay, it’s time for the code breakers to finish work and enjoy a drink and song at the pub.

That’s the scenario for the Home Front History event at Hurst Castle over the Easter weekend.

The Garrison Theatre will become the Victory Arms pub where the code breakers of Bletchley Park relax after a hard day’s code cracking. Hurst Castle visitors are invited to join them for a 1940s sing song on Saturday and Sunday.