ASPIRING singers took their first steps towards fame after auditioning before researchers looking for the next stars of The Voice.

Singing rang through the halls of the Academy of Music and Sound in Southampton as potential contestants tried to prove they have what it takes to reach the televised auditions.

The successful performers were then told to book a place for the London auditions later this year where they compete for the chance to perform for celebrity judges like and Tom Jones.

Taking the singers through their vocal paces was Rosalind Fountain, who held a free, vocal warm-up session for the hopefuls.

She said: “Most of the people we have seen auditioning have real talent.

This show is hard because you can have thousands of people queuing and only find one voice – but they are working hard for it.”

Members of The Voice team, Warren Atkins and Katy Hanley, will be holding similar events across the UK.

They said: “It was a really good day, with lots of talent. We are busy going to different schools, academies and open mic nights trying to encourage people to take part.

“Days like this are really good for us and for the singers because we get to see the talent that’s out there and they can meet us and be on our radar for the London auditions.”