A PAIR of young brothers have been hailed as heroes after saving their mum's life.

Now schoolboys Callum and Drew Henney have now been honoured after their quick actions and cool heads saved mum Sam.

The drama happened as the 10 and 12-year-old were eating dinner at home when their mother went upstairs feeling unwell.

But it was not until the two boys were wanting dessert that they then found their mum having a fit on the bed and immediately sprung into action.

“They tried to put me into the recovery position but I was too heavy for them,” said Sam.

“My eldest dialled 999 where the ambulance crew later informed me how their quick thinking saved my life and they were amazed how calm and grown up they sounded.”

She added: “The seizures were very bad and the ambulance crew had to ask for police assistance to the hospital, where the fits lasted approximately from 8 o'clock that evening to the early hours of the morning.”

Sam was later told she suffered from a Tonic-Clonic seizure which affects the entire brain and makes the muscles tighten and the body stiffen.

She has only experienced one other seizure which was in October and tests have shown the cause to be 'severe anxiety and stress'.

The boys from Spittlefields, Ringwood, have been awarded certificates from the ambulance service for their bravery and ability to remain calm.

Drew, who is a pupil at Ringwood School, said: “I came up and she was lying in the bed having a seizure. I put pillows either side of her so she wouldn't hurt herself. I was quite scared but I knew as soon as the ambulance got here it would be a lot better.”

After being told he had been given the award, the 12-year-old added: “I was surprised and excited. I have never been given an award like his before.”

His younger brother Callum, who attends Ringwood Junior School, said he was “very happy” to receive the award.

The 10-year-old added: “My friends think it's really cool.”

What is Tonic-Clonic seizure?

A Tonic-Clonic seizure is the most commonly thought of seizure which combines the characteristics of both Tonic seizure and Clonic seizures.

The Tonic phase comes first which makes the muscles stiffen and air being forced past the vocal chords. The person loses consciousness and will fall to the floor. The person may turn a bit blue in the face.

This is then followed by the Clonic phase where rapid jerk movements of the arms and legs begin. After a few minutes the jerking slows and stops, consciousness is returned and the person may be confused and drowsy.

Seizures generally last between one and three minutes. A seizure that lasts more than 10 minutes requires emergency treatment.