HE is bidding to smash his own world land speed record by travelling at an incredible 1,000mph.

Wing Commander Andy Green will be in the hot seat when the revolutionary new Bloodhound SSC hurtles across a dried up lake bed in South Africa in 2016.

Wing Cmdr Green will go through the sound barrier as the rocketpowered car travels faster than a bullet from a Magnum 357.

A full-sized replica of the six-tonne vehicle was on show at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

Visitors to the awardwinning attraction sat in a simulator to find out what it feels like to travel at 1,000mph on land.

Wing Cmdr Green holds the current land speed record of 763mph.

Bloodhound, which comprises a jet engine mounted above a rocket, aims to set a new record next summer before attempting to break the 1,000mph barrier the following year.

The 44ft long vehicle is expected to cover a measured mile in just 3.6 seconds.