TRAFFIC stopped on a major Southampton road when a torrential downpour caused severe flooding this lunchtime.

Police were called to the scene when a drain overflowed close to Millbrook Railway Station sending water spilling over the carriageway.

Two of three lanes heading out of the city were closed while contractors cleared debris from the drain.

Passers in all three lanes stopped as they struggled to get through the water.

The road reopened around 2pm.

Drivers were urged to avoid the road and find an alternative route while the problem was resolved.

Daily Echo:

A spokesman for council road contractor Balfour Beatty said the drain is being inspected and said: "When we have an extreme down pour the surge of water can lift a manhole cover.

"We restricted lanes to allow traffic to pass safely while the water naturally subsided."

Daily Echo: Roads joining Millbrook Road also flooded in the downpour.