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  • UKIP gain a councillor in Fareham
  • Labour hold Southampton
  • Lib Dems hold Eastleigh
  • Fareham remains Conservative
  • Winchester results due throughout Friday


We finally have the breakdown of the results at Millbrook, where two seats were up for election.


Josh AskerTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts47
Tara BosworthTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts61
Paul Alexander ClarkeLiberal Democrat258
Mike Denness - WinnerLabour1404
David FurnellLabour1291
Steven Galton - WinnerConservative1305
Pearline HingstonUK Independence Party916
Ricky LambertIndependent137
Daniel Sebastian PayneGreen Party416
Val LaurentConservative1044
Stephen Charles PlumridgeIndependent216


Some pictures from the count at Winchester.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:



Wonston and Micheldever

Antony de PeyerLabour133
Stephen Godfrey - WinnerConservative1149
Jocelyn Penn-BullUK Independence Party270
Katy TomsLiberal Democrat462


Wonston and Micheldever

Antony de PeyerLabour133
Stephen Godfrey - WinnerConservative1149
Jocelyn Penn-BullUK Independence Party270
Katy TomsLiberal Democrat462


Droxford, Soberton and Hambledon

Caroline Dibden - WinnerConservative618
Robert NegusLiberal Democrat161
Paul SonyLabour65


St Barnabas

Ed FergusonLabour247
Adam FreemanTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts53
Helen Osborne - WinnerConservative1236
Susan WittLiberal Democrat1095



Judith ClementsonUK Independence Party622
Kirk Phillips - WinnerConservative1206
David Picton-JonesLabour160
Margaret ScrivenLiberal Democrat208


Owslebury and Curdridge

Sheena KingLabour95
Laurence Ruffell - WinnerConservative756
Anne StonehamLiberal Democrat160
David WalbridgeUK Independence Party263


Swanmore and Newtown

Sheila CampbellLiberal Democrat311
Laurence CloughLabour154
Vicki Weston - WinnerConservative1078


There will be a recount for the St Barnabas ward as results are very close between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.



The Alresfords

Robin AtkinsLabour360
Lisa GriffithsConservative1098
Margot Power - WinnerLiberal Democrat1177


St Michael

Richard ColemanLiberal Democrat583
John HendersonUK Independence Party169
Caitlin O’KellyLabour276
Ian Tait - WinnerConservative1127


Bishop's Waltham

Roger BentoteLiberal Democrat794
Steven JakubowskiLabour134
David McLean - WinnerConservative1024
Vivienne YoungUK Independence Party414


St Paul

Karen BarrattIndependent433
James LeppardLabour168
Steve RussellConservative512
Lucille Thompson - WinnerLiberal Democrat848



Clive ColdwellLabour118
Roger Huxstep - WinnerConservative785
Ian NorgateUK Independence Party306
Simon WarwickLiberal Democrat149



Caroline Horrill - WinnerConservative482
Eleanor BellLiberal Democrat201
Max StaffordLabour30


St Luke

Rose Prowse - WinnerLiberal Democrat655
Bob MenloveConservative365
Andrew AdamsLabour290
Ruth SmithUK Independence Party227
Dave AndersonTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts16


St Bartholomew

Dominic Hiscock - WinnerLiberal Democrat838
Rosemary BurnsConservative707
Michael WilksGreen Party434
Denis ArchdeaconLabour233


Oliver’s Battery and Badger Farm

Patrick Fancett - WinnerLiberal Democrat850
Steve WhittakerConservative489
Chris Barton-BriddonUK Independence Party208
Taym SalehLabour130


St John and All Saints

Clive Gosling - WinnerLabour710
Jonathan ScowenConservative383
John HigginsLiberal Democrat362
Adrian HicksIndependent232


Colden Common and Twyford

Nigel BurwoodUK Independence Party310
Jade CornwallConservative609
Ben FarnesLabour146
Richard Izard - WinnerLiberal Democrat1057


Here is the breakdown of votes cast in Southampton, not including Millbrook, where the recount has yet to happen.

Daily Echo:


The first result from Winchester:

Cheriton and Bishop’s Sutton

Toby NorthLabour58
Mark JonesUK Independence Party163
Chris DayLiberal Democrat178
Harry Verney - WinnerConservative436


Results from Winchester are now beginning to filter through, as counting there didn't begin until this morning.

Meanwhile, the recount for Millbrook in Southampton is due at midday.


For the full list of all the Southampton results declared so far click here.


And for those waiting for the Millbrook result, you're just going to have to wait.

After one recount the returning officer decided to postpone another recount until midday.

There are two seats up for grabs but we will not know who has got them until after another recount in Committee Room 3 at Southampton Civic Centre at 12 o'clock.


We're still waiting for one more result - from Millbrook in Southampton.

But both Labour and the Tories have had reason to celebrate.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:



James Gilbert CapplemanLiberal Democrat178
Darren Jonathan GalpinTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts51
Nigel Eustace Lloyd Hecks - WinnerConservative1188
John Robert GordonUK Independence Party1147
Phil WoodLabour1179



Hannah Coombs - WinnerLabour1776
Chris GraceConservative1245
Steven HulbertLiberal Democrat197
Gary Stuart LaxtonTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts32
Nick RayUK Independence Party742
John Charles Thomas SpottiswoodeGreen Party328




Peter Graham GaltonLiberal Democrat168
Trevor GlasspoolConservative500
Colin Brendan HingstonUK Independence Party796
Keith Morrell - WinnerIndependent1654
Brian NorgateLabour724


Bitterne Park

Lindsi BluemelGreen Party346
Linda BoultonTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts42
Adrian CookUK Independence Party810
Trevor James CooperLabour908
John Inglis - WinnerConservative1191
Ann MacGillivrayIndependent110
James Arnold ReadLiberal Democrat291


While the Lid Dems lost their leader Tory chief Royston Smith held on to his seat in Harefield.


Vincent Lawrence AvellinoUK Independence Party825
John Robert Charles DennisLiberal Democrat204
Mohamed Said MohamudLabour850
Graham O'ReillyTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts70
Royston Matthew Smith - WinnerConservative1915


Back in Eastleigh - it is another Lib dem victory.

Chandler's Ford West
Tony Agnew (UKIP) - 329
Alan Broadhurst - lib dem - 981
Peter Clayton (lab) - 122
James Foulds - con - 472


Liberal Democrat leader Adrian Vinson has lost his seat on the city council.


Nick ChaffeyTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts98
Paul O'Neill - WinnerConservative1147
Cara Anne SandysGreen Party508
Lucas SzlekLabour910
Adrian VinsonLiberal Democrat1096


Southamptobn City Council leader Simon Letts keeps his seat.


Declan Peter CluneTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts55
Thomas Edward Richard CollierUK Independence Party966
David John FullerConservative963
Simon Jonathan Letts - WinnerLabour1153
Robert William NaishLiberal Democrat140



Andrew Phillip GodsellLabour988
Beryl May Harris - WinnerConservative1610
Alan KebbleUK Independence Party574
Neil KellyTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts47
David WhalleyLiberal Democrat410



Eileen Margaret BowersLiberal Democrat493
Paul Lewzey - WinnerLabour1474
Phil SniderTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts305
Matthew James TurpinConservative1267


Results are coming through in Southampton.


Charles Daniel-HobbsConservative804
Cathie McEwing - WinnerLabour1642
Simon David StokesLiberal Democrat250
Kieran Alistair Albert WilsonTrade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts435


In Fareham, the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats regained their seats.

Jack Englefield, who was already a councillor in the Titchfield Common ward, was elected as an independent for the first time.


UKIP were the only party to gain a seat during the Fareham elections with Stubbington candidate Christopher Wood taking the seat.

Here are the results by party:

Conservative 11

Liberal Democrats 3


Independent 1


The turn out in Eastleigh  was 35.2%


Eastleigh South
Dan Brain (con) - 299
Tanya Judd (TU&SAC) -26
Pete Luffman (lab) - 512
Jim Saunders (UKIP) - 768
Steven Sollitt (lib dem) - 852




Eastleigh North
Glynn Davies-Dear (UKIP) - 828
Stephen Goodall (lab) - 261
Dave Hubble(TU&SAC) - 26
Sam Snook (ind) - 106
Maureen Sollitt (lib dem) - 1150



Eastleigh Central
Louise Barter (lab) - 549
Susan Hall (con) - 287
Wayne Irish (lib dem) - 1136
Andrew Moore (UKIP) - 866
Ania Waterman (TU&SAC) - 34



Fair Oak and Horton Heath
Colin Atterbury - con 634
Hugh McGuinness (UKIP) - 780
Desmond Scott (lib dem) - 1150
Mary Shephard (lab) - 244


Liberal Democrats celebrate what appears to be a good night for them in Eastleigh.

Daily Echo:


Hedge End St Johns
Margaret Allingham (lib) - 1,084
Christine mckeown (lab) - 122
Michale O'Donoghue (UKIP) - 768
Paul Redding (con) - 582
Lib dem win from independentl



After Keith House's victory is partner Louise Bloom is also celebrating.

Another hold for the Liberal Democrats - Cllr Louise Bloom is re-elected to Hedge End Grange Park.

Louise Bloom (lib) - 1,035
Geoff Budd (lab) - 208
John Martin (UKIP) - 485



Council leader and Liberal Democrat Keith House has retained his Hedge End Wildern ward on Eastleigh Borough Council.

Selina Amos (con) - 246
Andrew Helps (lab) - 112
John House (UKIP) - 369
Keith House (lib) - 821



Counting underway in Eastleigh - Echo reporter Emma Streatfield records the moment!


But while it's all over in Fareham, we could be set for a late finish in Southampton, where the counting of local votes is yet to begin.
According to reporter James Franklin European votes have now been verified and will be locked away in a secure location.


The Conservative councillors in Fareham celebrate holding on to control of the council.

Daily Echo:


Libe Dems Geoffrey Fazackarley and Roger Price have both secured the two seats up for grabs in Portchester East.

Daily Echo:


Andy Moore, Eastleigh Central candidate for UKIP, told the Daily Echo it is extremely tight he understands in a number of key wards, namely Hedge End Wildern, Hedge End St Johns, Eastleigh South, Eastleigh North, Fair Oak and Botley.

He said he believes that in those wards it is a two-way fight between the Liberal Democrats and UKIP, apart from in Botley where he says he is pretty sure I t is between the Conservatives and UKIP.

He said: "I hope we do better than what I think we've done.

"I'm trying to think positive - we may have picked up two or three seats which is tremendous if that's the case.

"It would be very significant because it's the building blocks for our future plan and our plans are to turn the whole of Eastleigh borough into UKIP control and it will happen I'm sure."





Portchester East
Cameron Crouchman (Lab) 426
Tina Ellis (Con) 712
Geoffrey Fazackarley (LibDem) 1,962
Peter Furby (Con) 634
Roger Price (Lib Dem) 2,134
Stuart Rose (Lab) 433


The count is now underway in Eastleigh borough. Tellers are sorting through ballot papers as candidates peer over the tables for their ward.

 Daily Echo:


News that the election count is about to get underway is met with ironic clapping from Keith House, Eastleigh council leader.

Daily Echo:



Portchester West
Susan Bell (Con) 839
Shaun Cunningham (Lib) 797
Tom Davies (UKIP) 548
Leslie Ricketts (Lab) 209


Conservative councillor Leslie Keeble hears he's won in Fareham West.

Daily Echo:


Locks Heath
Susan Bayford (Con) 1,620
Angela Carr (Lab) 271
Sue Hardie (Lib Dem) 261


While the excitement continues with the results in Fareham the nerves are jangling a bit in Eastleigh.

Daily Echo:


Fareham West
Leslie Keeble (Con) 1,405
George Neill (UKIP) 467
Rowena Palmer (LibDem) 168
Sarah Taylor (Independent) 216
James Webb (Lab) 178


Independent candidated Jack Englefield marks his victory in Titchfield Common.

Daily Echo:


UKIP candidate Chris Wood celebrates his victory in Stubbington.

Daily Echo:


Hill Head
Kenneth Cast (UKIP) 116
Daniel Hawkes (Lib Dem) 230
Nicholas Knight (Lab) 192
Arthur Mandry (Con) 1,498


UKIP take a seat on Fareham council - in Stubbington.


James Smith ForrestLiberal Democrat646
Pal HayreConservative841
David Philip LightLabour114
Christopher John Wood - WinnerUK Independence Party1


The percentage turn out in each ward in Fareham:

Fareham North WEST 33%
Fareham South 34%
Fareham West 44%
Hill Head 47%
Locks Heath 38%
Park Gate 30%
Portchester East 39%
Portchester West 42%
Sarisbury 36%
Stubbington 50%
Titchfield 38%
Titchfield Common 35%
Warsash 39%


Titchfield Common
Jack Englefield (Independent) 989
Tom Fyfe (Con) 590
Andrew Mooney (Lab) 122
Hugh Pritchard (Lib Dem)116
Geoffrey Townley (UKIP) 351


Tory Trevor Cratwright is pleased with his victory in Warsash.

Daily Echo:


Susan Boyce (Independent) 404
Connie Hockley (Con) 1,313
Michael Prior (Lab) 266
Jill Underwood (Lib Dem) 205


There is anticipation in the hall at Fleming Park in Eastleigh as everyone is waiting for the count to start and the last few papers are verified.

Daily Echo:
Many people are consulting their phones perhaps for results elsewhere and many candidates are walking around the count area and chatting.
Others are sat in a makeshift stand set up specially.




Mary Holliday-Bishop (Lib) 287
Karen Postle (Lab) 217
Sean Woodward (Con) 1,579


Waiting anxiously for news in Southampton.

Daily Echo:


Trevor Cartwright (Con) 1,428
Miles Grindey (Green) 170
Craig Lewis (Lib Dem) 89
Nicola Moore (Lab) 157
David Nightingale (UKIP) 324


It's no wonder Keith Morrell was checking those results earlier.

History could be about to be made in Southampton.

Initial results are suggesting Keith Morrell may win in Coxford.

If he is elected, the anti-cuts councillor would be the first independent to be elected onto Southampton City Council.



Eastleigh North councillor Chris Thomas, below, Liberal Democrat, who is not for election this time round, said he is not anticipating any big surprises, such as UKIP winning lots of seats.
But he does think that there could be some very close results due to the 'Farage effect'.

Daily Echo:



Conservatives celebrate Dennis Steadman's victory in Fareham.

Daily Echo:


Park Gate
Brian Bayford (Con) 1,196
Martin Francis (Lib Dem) 237
Helen Price (Lab) 391


In Fareham the overall turn out was 39%


Fareham North WEST
Peter Davies (Con) 749
Bob Ingram (UKIP) 423
Jim Palmer (LibDem) 426
Steve Roberts (Ind) 102
Richard Ryan (Lab) 197



Lib Dems in Fareham celebrate Paul Whittle's win.

Daily Echo:


Independent anti cuts group leader in Southampton Cllr Keith Morrell told the Echo: "it's been an excellent campaign, I have never in all my years of canvassing for the Labour Party experienced such a warm reception on the doorstep.
"Not everybody said they were going to vote for me but he reception has been good."

Daily Echo:


Keith Barton (Con) 835
Conor Morris (Lab) 330
Paul Whittle (LibDem) 1,075


Simon Brown (Lab) 167
Pamela Bryant, below, (Con) 973
Jak Gunter (Independent) 253
David Harrison (Green) 143
Steve Richards (UKIP) 403
Peter Trott (Lib Dem) 379Daily Echo:




James Carr (Lab) 377
Sean Evans (LibDem) 120
Dennis Steadman, below, (Con) 700
Paul Sturgess (UKIP) 519
Vincent Taylor (Independent) 148






All but two of the electoral wards are undergoing the local count.
The remaining wards yet to reach this point are Fareham West and Locks Heath.


The first wards to be counted in Eastleigh will be Hedge End Grange Park, Fair Oak and Horton Heath, Hedge St John, Botley, Hedge End Wildern, Eastleigh Central, Eastleigh South and Eastleigh North.



The Daily Echo has been told by the deputy returning officer that the count in Eastleigh should start in the next half hour.
He said the delay in verifying the papers and getting the count underway was caused by the fact that there were three ballots to go through which had to be separated out and also a high number of late postal votes.
He said a few hundred postal votes had come in just today.



Daily Echo picture editor Paul Collins has captured the tension in Southampton Guildhall.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:


Elsewhere in the country Sunderland kept its reputation for speed when it was the first council to declare a final result.
   There was an overall net loss for Labour to independent when mayor Bob Heron was defeated. The party did gain a seat from Tories but also lost one to them.
   It still rules the city with a huge majority, with 63 councillors to eight Conservatives and four independents.


Things are hotting up at the Guildhall in Southampton.

Daily Echo:

The Daily Echo has been told UKIP's impact may make for some close calls in the city.

Labour's hold on at least one ward has been described as "perilous", with party councillors looking anxiously over the counters' shoulders as votes are added up.


It's a tense time in Fareham.

Local counts are now taking place in seven wards.

Candidates and supporters are hovering around counting tables as they try to work out who's in front.


Conservative group leader Royston Smith, up for re-election in Harefield, told Echo reporter James Franklin that UKIP are polling strongly in Southampton.
He said: "it's been a long, hard campaign.
"What has become more and more clear as we got closer to the. Election was that UKIP were going to do well, and there is absolutely no question about it.

Daily Echo:
"Some of the people we've spoken to who say they are voting UKIP can't even articulate what they're protesting about.
"A lot of people are protesting about 'everything', but in a country that is probably the best in the world this protesting about everything is a strange position to be in."


Cllr Judith Grajewski, Conservative candidate and current councillor for Hiltingbury West, said the key issues she has heard on the doorstep were the council under pinned Ageas Bowl hotel scheme, below, questions about why the council offices had moved to the town centre and the parking issues associated with that.

Daily Echo: The under-construction Hilton hotel at the Ageas Bowl
Voters were also concerned about what would happen to the former council offices in Leigh Road and parking on verges.
she did not want to predict any results but said: "I have been looking at my count in Hiltingbury West ward in Chandler's Ford and there's no unusual events to report," she said.


All ballot papers have been verified to make sure the numbers are what they should be and that none have been lost.
Eastleigh Borough Council will now lock away the  euro and parish ballots in a secure fireproof place until they are counted on Sunday.



The verification of ballots is to finish shortly, according to Eastleigh Borough Council.
This is to check that the number of ballot papers expected has arrived.
Once that is done the actual count gets going in two stages.
There are eight pods of tellers and each pod has 12 people who will count the first eight wards then count the last seven.
We should have the first results by 1.30am.



There has been a flurry of activity in the last couple of minutes at ferneham Hall in Fareham.
The local count for two wards are now under way after almost two hours of counting.
Counters are overseeing votes from the Fareham North and Fareham South wards.


The feeling in the hall at. Fleming Park is that The Botley ward could be one to watch tonight.

There has been recently controversy there over plans approved for 1,400 homes at Boorley Green, including protests pictured below.

Daily Echo:



Fareham Borough Council leader Cllr Sean Woodward, who is standing in the Sarisbury Ward, told the Daily Echo: "Fareham has seen a hard fought campaign by the Lib Dems, the Conservatives, and UKIP.

Daily Echo:
"The reaction from people has been positive indeed.  We are looking to protect all of our strategic countryside gaps between villages and that's very important."


The scene at the count in Southampton Guildhall.

Daily Echo:


Judith Grajewski, Eastleigh candidate and current Conservative councillor for the Hiltingbury West ward, thought she had knocked at least 1,000 if not 2,000 doors on the election trail.

Daily Echo:
"It's hard work and people do appreciate the fact that you do call on them."



Echo photograher Chris Moorhouse has sent a collection of photographs capturing the scene at Eastleigh.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:


Echo reporter Rory Mckeown has sent this video of the scene at Fareham's Ferneham Hall.


Eastleigh branch UKIP chairman Glynn Davies-Dear, below, said the party has received a warm welcome on the streets of Eastleigh.
He said immigration was being raised again and again on the doorstep and how that affected issues locally like housing and protecting green spaces.
He added that some residents did not feel they were being told the truth by the Liberal Democrat ruling party.

Daily Echo:



The postal vote verification is in progress for all electoral wards in Fareham.

Daily Echo:

Candidates are mingling with each other in the main hall as the count continues.

Fareham Borough Council's media officer says the results could be announced between 2am and 3am - there's a long way to go yet here in Fareham.


Eastleigh Liberal Democrat MP Mike Thornton said this is the first borough election where he is really not sure of the result.
He said there were a lot of three-way marginals.



 Mr House added Eastleigh Council leader and Liberal Democrat candidate Keith House says anything less than UKIP taking seven or eight seats tonight would be a bad result for them.
He added: "If we find the Conservatives making significant gains that will be a bad result for the Liberal Democrats.
"Labour really want to be winning the town seats back."



Eastleigh Borough Leader Keith House, who is also up for re-election in the Hedge End Wildern ward, has been hard on the campaign trail.
He said he has knocked on more than 2,000 doors in the borough in the last few weeks and has personally delivered around 15,000 leaflets through letter boxes - more than 1,000 a day in the last four days.

Daily Echo:



The tellers are furiously at work now counting ballot papers on virtually every table while candidates wonder around and chat inside the central part of Fleming Park sports hall which has roped off for the count.

Meanwhile members of the press are awaiting the result.

Daily Echo:



All the ballot boxes are in in Southampton.
There are rumours of a higher-than-usual turnout, with an extra ballot box being needed at a polling station in Millbrook.


Daily Echo political reporter james Franklin has sent this video of the count in Southampton.


Meanwhile independent anti-cuts group leader Keith Morrell and fellow member Don Thomas oversee the counting.

Daily Echo:


At Southampton city council leader Simon Letts, who is up for re-election, is spotted pondering what teh results might bring.

Daily Echo:


The MP added that he hoped that the Liberal Democrats would be judged on local issues like council tax which they have frozen for the last year.
issues that have come up on the doorstep included the council-underpinned Ageas Bowl hotel project, immigration.

Daily Echo: Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton


Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton has been out canvassing in the borough for the Liberal Democrats in the last couple weeks as parliament was not in session.
"It's been a hard couple of weeks - there's always some people dissatisfied but most people have said even if they're not going to vote for us they say you've done a good job in the borough.
"I think national factors are playing a strong role I think especially with UKIP - their vote is a national vote."



Independent candidate Jack Englefield has attended the count in Fareham with his wife Sharon.

Daily Echo:

He is a candidate in the Tichfield Common ward.
He said: "I have kept my beliefs as an independent and was offered places on other parties, but after three years as an Independent I thought why go back?
"The public have been very positive. It's the first time we have been to polling booths and had people say they voted for me."


According to Eastleigh Borough Council's media officer they are not expecting any results to be announced before 12.30am at the earliest so here are more pictures from the count....

Daily Echo: Daily Echo: Daily Echo:


The count is continuing here at the Fareham local elections count.
Postal votes verification is taking place in seven of the wards, with one local verification count complete in the Fareham North ward.
Candidates, all wearing party rosettes, are in good spirits as they eagerly await the results.


Labour supporters at Eastleigh

Daily Echo:


Former Eastleigh Labour group leader and candidate for the Eastleigh South Pete Luffman said he thinks Labour are in with a shout to win that ward and the Eastleigh Central ward.

Daily Echo:
He said it looked set to be a close three horse race with the Liberal Democrats who currently hold that seat and UKIP.
"it's one we should be looking at - two years ago we lost it by 15 votes."


Finally, 24-year-old Chris Wood, UKIP candidate for Stubbing Ward in Fareham said: "I am feeling good.  It should be a good night.
"We have had some sitting Lib Dem and Conservatives that have worked hard. I hope whoever gets elected does a good job.

Daily Echo:
"At 24 years old it would be good to get some young people on the council. Hopefully I can bring young, fresh ideas and improve the lives of people in Stubbington and Fareham."


Cllr Paul Whittle, leader of the Fareham Liberal Democrats and candidate for the Fareham East Ward, said: "We are optimistic. It's good for Liberal Democrats to be in government.

Daily Echo:
"The Lib Dems have achieved a lot in government and at a local level we have achieved a lot as well.
"We have got some good candidates. We work hard at local level.
"For me personally I am very pleased that people have recognised the hard work I have done over the past four years."



RIchard Ryan is representing the Labour party tonight at Fareham.
He said: "It has been an interesting election.
"There are five candidates in the Fareham North Ward and we want to do better than we have done in the past - hopefully we will.
"It's anyone's game tonight.
"The public's reaction has been favourable. We have knocked on quite a few thousand doors."Daily Echo:


Cllr Susan Bayford is running for the Locks Heath seat. She is being supported by Fareham MP Mark Hoban.
She said: "We have had an excellent day at two polling stations. It seems to be quite busy.
"It has been a real pleasure. I'd like to feel confident."

Daily Echo:
Fareham MP Mark Hoban said: "We have taken this campaign very seriously.
"There have been people out campaigning over the last few weeks. The reaction has been positive."


All the ballot boxes have been returned at the Fareham elections count at the Ferneham Hall.

At age 19, Miles Grindey is one of the youngest candidates at Fareham Ferneham Hall.

The Green Party candidate is in the running for the Warsash ward seat.

Daily Echo:

He said: "I am feeling confident. I am hoping to come a close second or a credible third.
"It has been a great experience. I grew up in Warsash and speaking to neighbours is helping me improve my public speaking.
"I have had a positive reaction from the public.
"As a party we listen from the bottom up. We go out and find out the issues that matter most to them."


The tension is building at the Southampton count.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:


Daily Echo:

The leaders of all four political groups at Southampton City Council could find themselves voted out tonight.
Labour council leader Simon Letts is standing in Bitterne, Conservative opposite number Royston Smith in Harefield, Lib Dem group leader Adrian Vinson (above left) in Portswood and independent anti-cuts group leader Keith Morrell in Coxford.


Echo reporter Emma Streatfield has sent this video from Eastleigh.


Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton lwho won that dramatic by-election last year, replacing Chris Huhne, is at the count.

Daily Echo:


There are 15 seats, or one third of the council, up for re-election in Eastleigh.
With the Liberal Democrats making up 39 of the council's 44 seats, the balance of power will not be changed tonight, but how well will the other parties do?


More counting in Eastleigh

Daily Echo:


There were eight Labour, six Conservatives, two Liberal Democrats and one Independent seats up for election in Southampton today.
The ruling Labour party currently has a majority of 11, meaning a change in power is possible but unlikely.


More counting in Southampton....

Daily Echo:


Southampton City Council leader Simon Letts, who is up for re-election, watches the count in Southampton.

Daily Echo:


The first box in Fareham is in, says Daily Echo reporter Rory Mckeown.
The ballot papers for the Fareham North Ward are in.
The candidates are Simon Brown (Labour), Pamela Bryant (Conservatives), Jak Gunter (Independent), David Harrison (Green Party), Steve Richards (UKIP), and Peter Trott (LibDems).

Daily Echo:



Counting in underway at Fleming Park in Eastleigh.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:


In Southampton One third of city council seats in Southampton are up for grabs, along with a second seat in Millbrook after the resignation of Labour's Georgie Laming, below.

Daily Echo: Georgie Laming

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Also congrats to the rest of the TUSC I think you all done very well this year overall the count was up for most I think can't be sure till I pull out the last election results.
And the best till last the Coxford ward it was touch and go all the way though the run up, but you pulled it off congrats Keith the effort was worth while in the end, and the team who work very hard well done you earned your break now so rest up take it easy for a bit.
Well done Kieran good result, well done the team put together at the last moment to help out done well also even low it was for only one day in the Redbridge ward. Also congrats to the rest of the TUSC I think you all done very well this year overall the count was up for most I think can't be sure till I pull out the last election results. And the best till last the Coxford ward it was touch and go all the way though the run up, but you pulled it off congrats Keith the effort was worth while in the end, and the team who work very hard well done you earned your break now so rest up take it easy for a bit. southy
  • Score: -5

3:24pm Fri 23 May 14

bigfella777 says...

Well done Royston
Well done Royston bigfella777
  • Score: -2

4:04pm Fri 23 May 14

SteveinTotton says...

Is this the slowest count ever?
Is this the slowest count ever? SteveinTotton
  • Score: 2

5:33pm Fri 23 May 14

Redhaired22 says...

I've had to look at the Soton City council website for the Millbrook result - tut tut Echo!

The only bad news is that Royston Clark got back in, however that happened I really don't know.....
I've had to look at the Soton City council website for the Millbrook result - tut tut Echo! The only bad news is that Royston Clark got back in, however that happened I really don't know..... Redhaired22
  • Score: -1

10:55am Sat 24 May 14

bobbyboy says...

it was a long but great night
it was a long but great night bobbyboy
  • Score: 0

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