RESIDENTS are calling for a string of safety measures after a driver was killed when their car careered off the road and burst into a fireball.

They say if something isn’t done to improve the A337 in the New Forest more motorists will lose their lives.

But roads chiefs say they are waiting to see if the police recommend whether any changes should be made following their investigation into the latest crash.

The white Volvo saloon had been travelling along the road on Thursday morning when it crashed into trees and was engulfed by flames, killing the driver, who has still not been identified.

The road was closed for 12 hours causing traffic chaos as drivers looked for alternative routes. One motorist reported that it took an hour to travel from Milford and Lymington.

Now residents and workers who regularly use the dangerous road are urging for improvements.

They want the bends straightened and widened with footpaths cycle lanes and reflector lights.

Carole Deacon, 61, a receptionist who lives nearby said: “They need to do something to make it safer. If something isn’t done there will be another death.

“It’s maximum speed limit round there and people just whiz round there. They don’t realise that it can be quite slippery.”

Jayne Tizzard, 52, from Brockenhurst, a shop supervisor at nearby Otter Nurseries, said: “The road needs to be sorted out.

“We have had a lot of accidents on that road especially the junction near Milford.

There are a lot of blind spots.”

Colleague Judy Biddle, 49, from Hordle, added: “This makes me worried about using the road. I would love to ride my bike to work but it’s so dangerous.”

Hampshire County Council roads chief Cllr Seán Woodward said the council will make changes if the police and coroner say they are necessary.

He said: “What happens wherever there is a fatality is the police do a very thorough investigation into the causes and the police are doing that at the moment.

We will then get a report from the police and we will also want to know what the coroner has to say if there is an inquest.

“If they make any recommendations about changes to the road we will work very closely with the police and the coroner to implement those changes.”

A police investigation continues today and officers are working to identify the motorist and find out what happened in the moments before the crash.

Totton roads Policing Unit is asking for anyone with any information on the crash to contact them on 101, quoting Operation Ascella.