FOR most parents, getting the children to go to school can be a challenge.

But Ashlee Spacanga is a star pupil and daughter.

The 16-year-old has spent the past 12 years at Wyvern College and hasn’t missed one day of school.

Mum Diane said she was amazed and felt extremely lucky that in all those years her daughter had only suffered a mild cold but still soldiered on.

Even a visit to A&E for breaking her arm on a school night didn’t keep Ashlee from going in the next day.

Diane said: “It’s an amazing feat. Ashlee has always loved school, as a little girl we used to have to drive to the college at night and on weekends to prove to her that it was closed – it was a nightmare.

“Ashlee set herself a challenge very early in her school life and said that she was determined not to miss a day of school, we just shrugged it off but Ashlee is very strong and when she sets her mind to something, she’ll do it.

“Yes she had those days where she didn’t feel like it but it wouldn’t stop her from going, which is so admirable.

“She is a really good kid with amazing willpower, what she has achieved is incredible.”

Ashlee is now preparing for her GCSEs and moving on to study at Barton Peveril College – where she will attempt to keep her immaculate attendance record going.