FANS of Jack Bauer are being warned not to head to Southampton docks in hope of getting a glimpse of their action hero as filming for the latest series of 24 comes to the city tonight.

As revealed in yesterday's Daily Echo, the hit American show and its star Kiefer Sutherland are bringing a bit of Hollywood glamour to the city's container terminal for the next two nights.

Some fans have already headed down to the DP World terminal where the shoot will take place, in the hope of seeing some of the filming for 24: Live Another Day but they have been swiftly turned away.

Terminal bosses are reminding fans of the show that there is no point in going down to the terminal as it is a secure area, where there is strictly no access to the general public.

An exclusion zone operates around all ships that berth in the port, as well as Southampton Water at all times and these patrols will be carried out during the filming tonight and tomorrow.

Daily Echo:

A spokesperson for DP World Southampton and Associated British Ports said: “Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of interest from members of the public and fans of the show, interested in coming to the terminal to witness the filming.

“Please can we remind everyone that the port of Southampton is a secure and private estate. No general public access is allowed and entrance to the container terminal is only for security cleared personnel and staff only.

“In accordance with the port harbour authority, an exclusion zone operates around all ships that berth at the port including ships at the container terminal. During the filming, patrols will be in place on Southampton Water to monitor the exclusion zone.

“We would therefore respectfully ask that everybody complies with these restrictions for their own safety and that of the cast, crew and staff that will be working at the container terminal.”

As previously reported, it is understood that around 180 crew are expected to descend on the city for the next 48 hours, filming for the ninth series which is currently aired on Sky.

This is the first series that has seen the show based in London.

Residents in the area have received letters from 20th Century Fox informing them what to expect as the shoot will include gun fire and pyrotechnics on board a small container ship on the water.

Police, including the force's specialist marine unit, have also been informed but as the filming is contained within a secure area of the dockyard, there will be no need for extra patrols.

A spokesperson from Hampshire police added that people should not be alarmed if they do hear sounds similar to gun fire from the container area at the time as it will be part of the filming.

  • 24: Live Another Day is aired tonight at 9pm, on Sky1.

Daily Echo: