THE OWNER of an animal sanctuary left devastated after two runaway dogs savagely attacked his animals fears they will strike again now they have been returned to their owners.

Derek Brown, who runs the Hensting Alpacas sanctuary in Owslebury, cannot believe that the Labradors have been allowed back home, where they had escaped from in the first place.

As previously reported, the dogs ripped apart 76 chickens and left four heavily pregnant alpacas, worth around £3,000 each, with serious injuries after getting onto the farm.

Police arrived at the scene and seized both the dogs but they have been given back to their owners, who were away at the time of the incident on Sunday.

Worried that the dogs will escape again, Mr Brown fears they will attack again and is worried that a child could be their next victim.

He added: “I cannot believe that these dogs have been allowed back to their owners.

“They have escaped so many times, so they will attack again. They have a taste for it now and I fear for who they will attack next.

“These dogs need to be put down before anyone else is hurt.”

Police confirmed that the dogs have been released back to their owners but added that they only seized the dogs in this instance because the owners were away at the time of the incident.

They added that it is not usual practice for police to seize dogs in cases like this and only happens if the owner is away.

Their investigation into the incident continues.

Mr Brown, who told the Daily Echo that the attack on his animals will cost him around £20,000, is now looking to take legal action to get the dogs destroyed.