THEY must have been off their trolleys.

Heads turned when ten teenagers arrived at a swish hotel for their school’s prom in shopping trolleys.

Rather than a classy vehicle, the Swanmore College of Technology students’ chosen method of transport was a last-ditch decision after the bus they had booked was involved in an accident.

Panic set in when it became clear that the party bus wouldn’t be able to pick up the 16- year-olds at the arranged spot at Homebase in Hedge End.

After seeing a line of trolleys outside the store, Neil Kerton, the dad of one of the girls, asked the manager if they could borrow them.

The 47-year-old from Waltham Chase said: “It’s a mode of transport, it’s got wheels. We thought it would be quite different. I’ve never seen anyone turn up in a shopping trolley before.

“It was brilliant – the children loved it.”

The six girls and four boys climbed into cars with the trolleys and were taken to the bash at the Botleigh Grange Hotel.

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