IT is not normally part of their job description.

But with their eyes shut, breath held and fingers crossed, these teachers at a Hampshire school agreed to be part of a BMX stunt to the delight of their pupils.

Luckily for them it was not just any man in the saddle, but BMX superstar Mike Mullen who began his one-man show at Waterside Primary School in Hythe by performing wheelies, high-speed turns and riding backwards.

More than 180 pupils watched as the number of teachers steadily increased with each successive jump until the number totalled eight, including head teacher Penny Bullough.

Mike was taking part in Be The Best You Can, a nationwide campaign that aims to build on the success of the London 2012 Olympics by encouraging children to excel.

The former BMX world champion was making a follow-up visit to the school.

Mrs Bullough said: “Mike came here in January and explained that success isn’t just about talent it’s about hard work, perseverance and attitude.

“He’s a real inspiration. He has a gift for talking to children on their own level.”

Asked if she was nervous about lying in the path of his bike Mrs Bullough replied: “I just had to place my trust in his experience and ability.”