A new endurance event will be launched at a Rockbourne farm in the New Forest on Saturday, October 25.

The HQrecon event at Tenantry Farm requires participants to be physically fit as well as strategic thinkers.

HQrecon will be a military-inspired endurance event, which is being launched after several successful “secret” events.

The aim of the game is to infiltrate as many “zones” as possible within a 3.5-hour time limit, to collect intelligence codes located within each zone.

Each code collected equals points, however, “the hunters” – professionally-trained security personnel – are out to get you – get caught in a zone and you lose your points and are sentenced to a 15-minute military-style circuit training session led by an ex-Royal Marine.

Players will compete for the cash prizes awarded to first, second and third place, which could be up to £4,000 for the winner.

Tickets start from £69. To find out more go to HQrecon.com.