A BUSINESSMAN risked his own life by chasing a machete-wielding gang of robbers who broke into his home for the second time in three days.

Khalid Abrkhil pursued the getaway car of a masked gang who forced their way into his house.

The break-in came just two days after another man made off with £15,000 after attacking his flatmate with a bladed weapon.

Police believe both attacks on the property in Bassett Green, Southampton, are linked and are hunting the gang responsible, while Mr Abrkhil has made an urgent plea for help in tracking them down.

The ordeal began when Mr Abrkhil’s housemate arrived at their terrace home to find a man in an upstairs bedroom grabbing the cash – which was takings from his and a flatmate’s businesses – and a Rolex watch.

The burglar slashed the housemate on his hand and wrist with a blade before escaping in a white van.

Two days later Mr Abrkhil, 30, who owns a meat wholesalers, was in the bathroom when he heard voices outside and saw a gang gathering at the back door of his home.

Recalling how he cried for help to his friends downstairs, he said: “It was horrible.

“Normally if burglars see the homeowner is in, they run off but they were such animals they came in after me.”

One of the men advanced towards the staircase holding a machete and violently threw a saucepan containing beans from the hob towards Khalid’s head.

The armed robbers fled, after assaulting one of his four friends staying in the house and causing a cut to his face.

Mr Abrkhil described how he attempted to pursue them in his car as they drove down Thomas Lewis Way in the direction of the M27 motorway but they sped off.

He said: “I was so scared, but I wanted to do all I could to catch them and get their registration plate, so I jumped in my car after them.”

Mr Abrkhil said he is now living in fear – barricading the doors and only returning home with the rest of his flatmates.

He said: “It’s like being in a prison. We can’t sleep at night.

“Whenever I hear a noise at night I wake up and thinking it’s them again.

“The police need to catch them to protect people’s safety.”

Police confirmed they are hunting the gang who first struck at 3.50pm on Monday August 11. On that occasion the burglar brandishing the knife was described as white with his face obscured.

The second armed robbery happened around midnight on Wednesday and a white man, once again with his face covered, was accompanied by at least four black men.

A spokesman from Hampshire police said: “We are pursuing lines of inquiry, no arrests have been made at this time.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimsestoppers on 0800 555 111.