A MAN died in hospital from complications arising from a fall, an inquest heard.

Gordon Hendley, 92, was found by carers on the lounge floor at Wilton Manor Care Home.

The father-of-three had a history of falls and suffered from dementia, as well as diabetes, heart problems and chronic kidney disease.

The inquest heard that Mr Hendley could be uncooperative at times and present challenging behaviour due to his dementia, and that he would often attempt to get up and “furniture surf” by attempting to steady himself on chairs and other furniture.

Sarah Roper, home manager, said that there was a sensor pad alarm system in place to alert staff if he had left his chair but that it was not active at the time of Mr Hendley’s fall.

Daughter Silvia Honeyfield said in a previous meeting with staff the family was assured the alarm would be on, but this was not always the case.

A report from carer Suman Hasrani stated that at the time he was found, the retired office clerk complained that he had bumped his head and his leg hurt.

Wilfred Hendley, who visited his father after the fall on March 14, said: “He kept saying I’m in pain, I’m in pain. He could not get comfortable.”

On March 17, Mr Hendley was transferred to Southampton General Hospital where x-rays revealed a broken hip. A report from surgeon Sherif Abouel-Enin stated that due to his advanced age and numerous other medical conditions he was unlikely to survive surgery.

Coroner Grahame Short concluded Mr Hendley’s death was an accident.