A SOUTHAMPTON supermarket is offering an extra pizza topping in exchange for a cheesy Craig David line.

Asda Southampton has had a £2m refurbishment, which included a new pizza oven being fitted.

They have now come up a novel idea to mark David’s homecoming gigs at the Mayflower Theatre.

By saying ‘better stack cheddar’ when ordering a pizza, hungry customers can double their helping of cheese.

The line comes from David’s smash hit What’s Your Flava.

The city-born singer has also had a pizza created in his honour at the store.

It features olives, ham, tomato puree and peppers, forming a headphone picture to resemble the cover of the star’s album Born to Do it.

Kevin Horsley, store manager, said: “It was great fun to create a piece of food art, which depicted one of the city’s biggest music icon.

“We are all big fans of Craig at Asda Southampton and the lucky ones even got to see him at the Mayflower where he recently performed.

“We’re really thrilled about all the new facilities now available in store and this seemed an exciting and current way to promote them, our colleagues have been singing his songs all week in preparation.”

The double-cheese phrase will come into effect on Friday 15 and will last for one week.