A SOUTHAMPTON inventor has developed a new baby pacifier which he believes can help prevent cot death.

Graham Smith, from Bitterne Park, is set to launch the new dummy which has a cotton strip attached to the capsule to allow more air into the lungs, which combats Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), known as cot death.

The patented dummy is targeted at improving breathing when children have blocked noses.

It is set to be released soon by company MiBinky, Graham told the Echo.

Graham, 53, said the ‘overwhelming’ number of cot deaths have a link to a blocked nose prior to death, which inspired him to come up with the creation.

Graham, a former pupil of Bitterne Park School, said: “Over several years with much research we can now see that this product not only unblocks noses but can also help in the fight against SIDS.

“A lack of oxygen in infants does bring on the death of brain cells, with blocked noses in infants doing this.

“The research is still new but there is evidence that keeping the airways open in infants can stop this.”

Graham said the product, which doesn’t have an official release date, could also benefit children’s development in later years.

“Infants who have suffered brain cell loss can become slower to learn at school and less academic than others, he said.

“This only becomes apparent when nursery or school starts.”

According to figures from the Lullaby Trust there are around 230 cot deaths in the UK each year.