AFTER months of build up the 2014 World Cup is finally here.

And what better way to get into the spirit than with some classic World Cup songs?

The Daily Echo has picked it's five favourite belters to inspire the squad in Brazil but we want to know what your favourites are.

Take a look at our choices below and tell us what you think.

5. On the Ball, Ant and Dec, South Korea/Japan 2002

Yes it's by Ant and Dec and yes it features one of the cheesiest videos ever, but it gets in our top five because it is forever associated with England's 5-1 win over Germany.

Plus it comes from one of the most enjoyable World Cup's of recent years where England did not go out due to a penalty shoot-out or get humiliated. Although the same can't be said for David Seaman...

Altogether now...It's Neville to Campbell, Campbell to Rio, Rio to Scholesly, Scholesy-Gerrard...

4. Back Home, England Squad, Mexico 1970

The only song recorded while England were World Cup champions, so we had to find a place for it somewhere.

It sounds like it should have been a real hit on the terraces with all that clapping, plus it is sung by legends such as Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and Gordon Banks. Would you tell them their singing was rubbish?

3. Vindaloo, Fat Les, France 1998

It's a cruel parody of one of England's greatest bands of the past two decades, but it's so catchy we can forgive that.

Just try thinking of this song without immediately humming or singing na-na-na. Plus with "We're gonna score one more than you" it was the ultimate expression of attacking football through song.

All this and appearances from British comedy heroes Keith Allen, Matt Lucas, David Walliams and Paul "Vict-ah" Kaye. What's not to like?

2. Three Lions '98, Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds, 1998

There were a lot of arguments at the Daily Echo over this one as the original song is synonymous with Euro '96 in England.

But Jonathan Pearce's penalty shoot-out commentary, the distraction crime that is the opening line "We still believe" and the immortal chorus shouted down the voices of the naysayers and it is back where it belongs.

It is not, however, our number one purely because the Germans stole it after winning Euro '96.

1. World in Motion, New Order, 1990

The best overall song out of all the official and unofficial attempts by the best musicians. That alone should guarantee World in Motion's spot at the top, but it doesn't.

We all know what does.

John Barnes. John Charles Bryan Barnes. He will be remembered best for two things in his career - that goal against Brazil, and this rap.

And the worst...

World at Your Feet, Embrace, Germany 2006

When political correctness took over the world to the extent that a World Cup football song couldn't even mention football.


It was also rumoured to have sent FA executives to sleep when Embrace performed it live at a World Cup send-off.