HAMPSHIRE-born businessman Ali Ganjavian’s invention the Ostrich Pillow is on sale from a shop for the first time.

The sleeping invention, which is a cross between a balaclava and a pillow, is now being sold at one of the country’s top department stores – Selfridges in London.

The pillow, pictured below, is being launched as part of the store’s no noise initiative which encourages shoppers to seek out moments of tranquillity in a room in the store called the “Silence Room”.

Head of communications for Kawamuri Ganjavian Studios, who produce the pillow, Shadi Ganjavian-Connor said: “We are beyond thrilled because it has happened so quickly, and it’s great a UK store that is the first one in the world to be selling the pillow.”

Last month the Daily Echo revealed how the Ostrich Pillow had been a festive hit as the manufacturer struggled to keep up with demand during the run-up to Christmas.