MARINE data monitoring company, Azurtane Limited, has re-located from London to Southampton.

The company, which supplies customers around the world with cutting edge sensor technology for sustainable shipping, has dropped anchor at the City Commerce Centre in Marsh Lane.

The increasing focus of international ship operators on emissions, energy efficiency, fuel costs and environmental compliance make this a high growth sector.

According to managing director, Don Gregory, Southampton’s significant marine hub, affordable industrial premises and ample supply of small industrial fabricators and suppliers made it an ideal location.

The company is looking for highly qualified graduates with expertise and experience in the fields of marine engineering and information technology as well as custom sensor development.

From Southampton Azurtane will market sensor technology for ships developed with support by the UK government under the Innovate UK programme.

Azurtane uses the sensors it has installed on ships to transmit measurements back to Southampton. The company converts the data into useable management information for ship operators and officers.

This information can pinpoint noncompliance with pollution regulations, identify the actions that need to be taken, compare voyage by voyage energy consumption and ascertain the adjustments required to improve efficiency.

“Until now ships have been sailing blind,” Azurtane’s chief scientist, Dr Henryk Herman explains. “Big Data can either be seen as the latest management gimmick or be used to identify trends and patterns in fuel consumption and efficiencies in a sea (excuse the pun) of conflicting and confusing external factors.”

Azurtane has already been able to help Red Funnel reduce fuel consumption on its Red Jet 4 by 15 per cent.

The latest addition to the Red Funnel fleet has been “made ready” to utilise the same Azurtane technology to allow both the master and the Red Funnel office to monitor fuel consumption.