A HAMPSHIRE business has secured a multi-million pound deal to provide infrastructure for an international metro project thanks to government funding.

Specialist railway equipment supplier Design and Projects, which is based in North Baddersley, has secured several multi-million pound exporting deals worth a total of £11m to provide railway maintenance equipment for the Bangkok Purple Line Project, thanks to significant support through UK Export Finance’s bond support scheme.

UK Export Finance provides finance and insurance to help exporters win, fulfil and get paid for export contracts.

Initially, under the contract, the company was able to secure advance payment from Marubeni and Toshiba, the company responsible for delivering the metro project to help pay for staff and suppliers prior to completion.

However, in return for the advance payment, Marubeni and Toshiba required Design and Projects to pay an advance deposit valued at several million pounds in the form of a bond to act as a guarantee that they would deliver the project.

However, paying this would have restricted the company’s cash flow and capacity to fulfil the contract, so UK Export Finance agreed to step in and support the firm.

Colin Brooks, managing director of Design and Projects, welcomed the help.

Mr Brooks said: “Since working with UK Export Finance, we can get the financial support we need much more easily.

“This has allowed us to compete for major international projects, which before we didn’t have the financial flexibility to do even though we knew we had the capability.

“In the last few years, UK Export Finance has helped us to secure significant exporting business and double our personnel size.

“Off the back of this success, we are now setting up an office in Thailand so that we can continue to grow our exporting business and take advantage of the opportunities in the Far East.

“I’m very grateful for all the support we’ve received from UK Export Finance and look forward to working with them again in future.”

The Bangkok Metro Purple Line is expected to carry thousands of passengers every day when construction is finished in 2024.

Users will be able to travel from Khlong Bang Phai in the north of the city to the Rat Burana district in the south, a route totalling 28 miles.