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    MGRA, unions in general don't want strikes. It's hard for their members to give up their pay and they are only likely to support a strike as a last resort - which, because of Roy Smith's determination to force worse conditions on the workforce, is what happened here.

    I know Daily Mail journalists and the chatterers in the Conservative club all believe that working people are just itching to strike at the drop of a hat or that they are forced to do so by trade union "barons" but that really isn't the case. Every day on strike is a day's pay lost. You've really got to be in a position where there is no alternative before you are going to volunteer for that.

    And, by the way, you lost the election. Convincingly. Crushingly. Lost.
    I love the way labour supporters jump up and down in celebration when hardly anyone bothered to vote... I saw the desperate labour machine in action that day, driving bewildered pensioners to polling stations... well they got what they wanted,,, now lets see how they get on with discovering their money trees that they need to deliver what they stated. It was simply an illusion. They are only interested in power. The supreme irony is that as always they will mess it up on a grand scale and Denham and his other stooge will probably loose their seats at the next general election.. I suppose every cloud has a silver lining.... as for unions using strikes as a last resort.... anyone who thinks that is true is probably also likely to be convinced to vote labour if the offer of a free ride to the booths is on offer...
    It was our fault not getting enough Tory voters voting so in the end they were elected by the majority who could be bothered now is the time to sit back & let them hang themselves & to use the Echo & the BBC to show what a bad job they're doing.
    We have to learn from the Labour/Union campaign they used all forms of news media to get their point over even U-Turning on most of them we need a better use of the press to show the good we were doing & we want to do.
    Do that & wait for two years & then see who the people vote for
    I still think Denham would have spent 10 minutes jumping up and down cheering.... then thinking forward 3 years and thinking... "Oh sh*t"... he only squeezed in by a breath last time, after labour ruin the city he will be toast....
    Errm dohhhhh John Denham is standing down at the next election, his predecessor is already being chosen! He retires undefeated sorry to disappoint you bless. If you live in Eastleigh why are you so bothered or are you trying to keep up with the boys in the Tory club in Southampton ??

    Me too Lone Ranger, very funny - low voter turnout - well hello it could have meant an even worse turnout for the Tories rather than a better one lol.

    'If' Uncle Roy had done his homework and taken proper legal advice about how he went about implementing cuts in pay he would have realised that the legal bill he would end up with, or rather us as Taxpayers would end up with, would completely outstrip any 'supposed' saving. I hope to god this city won't have to end up paying for this mistake as the legal action is against the council, not against individuals!
    I wouldn't worry too much about the costs of Rambo's actions as there is a very good chance that he could be 'surcharged' for the total cost.

    'In the United Kingdom a public servant, for example a local government officer (or councillor), who has .. caused loss to a public authority through misconduct may be surcharged to recover public money. The surcharge may be applied, after referral to a court by the Audit Commission.'

    Now that would be a result.
    Yes I believe it would Freethinker!! I suspect a lot of 'shredding' has gone on ;)

    As for the other stuff, preceedng this - boys put your handbags away please and play nicely. x
    Take your point, Freemantle.

    How do you know they/we are boys ? And anyway, your comment was a bit sexist, and likely to provoke trouble. I just hope it doesn't.

    Never been able to make any sense out of local politics. And reading all the informative stuff that has been appearing here before and after the election has left none the wiser, if not more confused. What is TUSC ? Who is southy ? These are honest questions.
    Stop playing the victim Billy, it's not winning you over. It was tongue in cheek and not a serious comment! boys in schoolboys and knocking a few heads together. It gets like a playground on here at times, and cause trouble, LOL please!

    btw, I think posting a link to Southy's facebook page (whoever did that, can't see for the long columns of squabbling) is out of order. Southy you need to make your settings private so no-one can see the photo. It really isn't fair to target someone in that way, WHOEVER they are. Why don't you reveal your own website ifyou don't mind doing it? no I didn't think so.
    I have already explained what has gone wrong here for me, and accepted some of the responsibility for the consequences. Also, I said I would persevere, "weather the storm", and perhaps gradually gain some credibility.

    Your suspicion of me is understandable, Freemantle, but I have to point out that I know very little about local politics, and my questions were honest. I am retired, and have no interest in, or need for Facebook and similar sites, as I have no use for "networking", or whatever it's called. And as for Twitter......well, if Wikipedia is a goldmine of interesting material, Twitter would be the opposite for me.

    Before googling TUSC, etc., I wanted to find out what people here thought it was, for future reference. Remember, I have no justification for trusting anyone for some time yet, after the trouble I have witlessly brought on myself, but that does not mean that some posters will not show a little compassion.

    You said that sometimes this site is like a "playground". I'd go a little further and say it can be like a playground with blindfolds.

    Actually, the more I think about it, the closer I am getting to my original feeling of a few years ago : that is a waste of one's time. I came back for a bit of innocent matchplay, but thanks to my naivety and the antics of a few others, it took a sinister direction. By fighting back, I thought I could overcome the problem, but instead became part of it.

    But hey ho, it's just an anonymous website with silly names. Just words.
    Billy you come out with some good arguments but then you ruin it by criticising people who are basically on your side.
    I will look at a post & say if I think it's wrong I have had many people slagging mr off telling me I'm on the same level as Southy.
    I'm not but I admire any one who believes & argues their point the way he does.
    What was said on his website & if it was were out of order.
    I sometimes feel like printing my name but I'm hated by my family for my points of view & it would make things worse.
    I feel Southy was crazy to tell so much about himself but Bigfella don't give up with the posts just pick your arguments & enjoy debating
    You obviously didnt see or avoided noting who the poster was that gave the link to Southys F/Book page
    Honestly I didn't see it why who was it? Southy perhaps?"
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Mixed reaction to Labour taking control of Southampton City Council

Labour activists celebrate their election win

Labour activists celebrate their election win

First published in Business Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author by , Education Reporter

UNION bosses have hailed Labour’s Southampton council election victory, but business leaders are giving the city’s new red dawn only a cautious welcome.

The reactions will partly boost incoming leader Richard Williams, but also hint at the challenges he faces now he is in power.

The new administration’s first job when it formally takes over Southampton City Council next week will be to sit down with union bosses in a bid to hammer out a deal to finally lift the industrial action hanging over the authority for the past 12 months.

If it can’t convince workers to sign up to its plans for dealing with budget cuts, it could face further disruption and a £12m bill from legal claims over the controversial pay cuts for staff forced through by the Tories last year.

However, once that huge task has been completed Labour councillors must then set about convincing commerce leaders they mean Business.

Union Unite has congratulated Cllr Williams and his team on victory in last Thursday’s elections, saying the result sent a “resounding message” to the Conservatives over cuts.

Regional secretary John Rowse said: “The people of this great city have stood up and said no more can you cut our services, slash our jobs and destroy our communities.

“The campaign to rid this city of the cuts scourge was a success because working people and their unions joined forces to unseat a council leadership that was out of touch with the needs of Southampton.”

Meanwhile, the reaction from business leaders to Labour has been far more measured.

Sally Lynskey, chief executive of Business Solent said wants to hear how Labour will help Southampton take its “many opportunities to earn its rightful place on the map of leading cities”.

She said: “Business Solent looks forward to receiving a briefing from the new leader of the council and working in partnership with his team to continue to strive to make the city the best place to work, invest, live, study and enjoy.”

Chris Treacher, managing director of Wise Catering, said he was concerned the party’s 50-point manifesto was “light on business issues”, and wants to see more done to encourage the “tentative signs of life coming back to the city”

He said: “The new Labour council must make sure that it listens to the views of businesses and shows that it is a party that supports economic prosperity for the city. An early test will be how the leader deals with the council pay issues.”

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