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Awards Criteria

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Trethowans Business of the Year Award

The Trethowans Business of the Year Award will be chosen from the shortlisted businesses in each award category. The Business of the Year will be the best of the best, the business or individual which in the view of the judges stands out from the rest. To win a business will need to show a very strong overall performance during the last year.

The judges will be looking for a business which has:
• A clear business strategy, with examples of how it is implementing this strategy.
• Strong financial management and performance.
• Clear signs of growth and development.
• Overcome its challenges to get ahead of its competitors.
• A sustainable philosophy, towards its people, its profit and the planet.
• Demonstrated a strong commitment to the Solent region.

Taylor Made Computer Solutions Award for Best Use of Technology

The winner of this award will have used technology to create considerable competitive or operational improvement such as improved quality, customer satisfaction and revenue. It will also have demonstrated success through the innovative application of a new idea, product, method or process.

The judges will be looking for a business or organisation that has:
•Used technology to stand out from its competitors.
•Exceeded the expectations of its customers through use of technology.
•Embraced new technology to improve efficiency, service levels and quality of end-product.
•A continuing forward thinking approach to creating business success.
•Demonstrated a creative and different way of working to keep the business fresh and responsive to changing customer needs.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award

This award will be presented to a dynamic company with less than 25 employees, which demonstrates all round excellence in business. Businesses must be trading for at least 18 months, and have at least one year’s accounts available. The judging will focus on financial performance, future objectives and the competitive advantage of the business. It will also look at examples of specific strategies which have driven business growth with up to £5 million turnover.

The judges will be looking for:
•Evidence of growth in turnover and profitability (this should be detailed within your application).
•Commercial success, growth and achievement.
•A company which can demonstrate success in driving forward its business plan.
•A company which is actively developing new products, services and / or new markets.
•A company which can demonstrate a clear relationship between its marketing strategy and the development of the business.
•A clear future plan for growth of the business.
•Innovation and creativity.
•Additional exemplars such as community involvement

Meachers Sustainable Business Award

This award will go to the organisation that can best demonstrate an outstanding commitment to sustainability.

Judges will look for evidence of how a sustainable approach has improved commercial performance, competitiveness, customer perception, staff engagement, and continued financial strength.

Focusing on policies or projects that positively impact on society and the environment as well as the economy, judges will also look for examples of where the organisation has not only changed behaviour internally but is also helping to change behaviour among customers and suppliers.

Open to all organisations in the public, private and third sector, this award will go to the company that best demonstrates excellence in the following:
•A sustainable business growth model.
•How customers have engaged with sustainability policy or initiatives.
•How sustainability has been embedded in company culture.
•Impact of sustainability on profitability or financial performance.
•Innovation of the sustainability model or its implementation .
•Leadership and management of the sustainability policy or initiative .
•Impact on attitudes in the wider business community .
•How sustainability objectives are measured.

Core criteria proportion of overall score:
•Growth 15%
•Innovation 10%
•Staff engagement 15%
•Customer engagement 15%
•Leadership 15%
•Ethics 15%
•Financial performance 15%

Southampton City Council Employer of the Year Award

This award is open to all businesses with more than 10 employees.

The overall emphasis of the award should be on the recruitment, development, and retention of talent.

The winning company will be expected to demonstrate comprehensive and quality staff development processes and successful retention initiatives (not solely remuneration-based).

The judges will be looking for:
•How do you support the training and development needs of your staff? How does this link with the needs of your business?
•Welfare measures including flexible working, inclusion and equality, health and maternity policies and implementation will all be taken into consideration.
•“Investors in People” and other formal accreditations will be noted but on their own will be insufficient.
•How are your staff consulted on matters affecting the company/their jobs? Are they asked to input ideas? Is information on performance of the business shared?
•What feedback do you receive from staff members? Please include any relevant evidence.
•From senior management we would like to hear about the measures they have introduced (innovation welcome), what they see as being successful, and how their actions have improved productivity and retention of staff (and It’s got be more than scale of financial rewards). Evidence of recognising issues and bringing about improvement are important considerations.
•Business address must have an SO postcode.

British American Tobacco Commitment to the Region Award

As a long-term investor in the region, British American Tobacco is keen to recognise a business or organisation that has demonstrated real commitment to the South Coast area.

The judges will be looking for a business or organisation that can show how they:
• Support skills development - through working with local education/mentoring/apprenticeships and/or graduate schemes.
• Support the local economy - through increased employment opportunities.
• Support community initiatives or community engagement activities.
• Have expanded or plan to expand in the region.
• Use local supply chains.
• Are passionate about the region and showcase the area as a great place to do business.

Moore Stephens Owner Managed Business Award

This award celebrates the contribution of OMBs to the UK economy, and will recognise a small to medium sized business, that has demonstrated solid growth and strong financial performance, that understands its customers, has an engaged workforce with effective leadership and is continually innovating to support future growth. Open to organisations with over £2m turnover in their last financial year and has over 25 employees.

The judges will be looking for a business or organisation that has:
•An established market position.
•Excellent growth or expansion.
•Potential for sustained growth.
•Innovation in products services or processes.
•Customer and staff engagement.
•Effective leadership and management.
•An ethical approach to business.
•Strong business results, profitability.

Winchester Motor Company Skoda Customer Service Award

This award is in recognition of companies with a genuine and innovative focus on customer service and care.

Judging criteria will include customer service objectives and strategy, business performance, customer care, staff development plans and how this has driven business growth.

The judges will be looking in particular for:
•Success in the achievement of service excellence through the delivery of customer service initiatives, objectives and strategy.
• Active improvement in employees' customer service focus through training and development.
• A clear relationship between customer service activities and improved business performance, financial growth and customer retention.
•Evidence of a clear understanding of customer needs.
•Engaging employee enthusiasm for customer care and how this has driven business growth.
•Evidence of how a focus on customer service has provided a platform for leadership, vision and values.
•Evidence of strong staff support, development and motivation.

Smith & Williamson Growth Business of the Year Award

This award will be given to the business which has managed to show sustainable and consistent growth, successfully scaling up against a backdrop of continuing economic difficulties.

Entrants must demonstrate an increase in sales, headcount, profitability, market share or geographical expansion over the last three years.

To assist with your application, judges will be looking for businesses that can demonstrate an increase in scale over three years combined with::
•Investment in the business for sustainable growth.
•Innovation in products, services or processes.
•Strong financial performance.
•Outstanding leadership and management.

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