Alice Forster’s celebrity sister was murdered four months ago. On the day of her funeral, Alice receives a blank email from her dead sisters email address. She instantly assumes it’s some psycho trying to get to her.

Not long later, Alice receives an invitation to go to Soul Beach, a virtual beach paradise, and she talk to her sister again after all this time.

She’s finding it hard to live her life when there’s the constant call of the Beach’s welcoming waves. Her days are filled with the longing to go back to her new friends, leaving the old ones in the dust.

But paradise isn’t all that it seems.

O.T Review By Neelam Ali.

This book is definitely different to everything else I’ve read, which instantly intrigues me. It invites a new view on the world of the supernatural and life after death. I love that the author, Kate Harrison, is able to put the new, modern concept of social networking sites with the recurring story idea of being able to communicate with the dead.

Harrison twists and turns the story in so many ways that you’re kept thinking until the very last page, which still leaves you with unanswered questions. There is not doubt that you’ll be impatient for the next book and uncover new answers to each open-ended story that got left behind.

It’s new, different and definitely a book to read.